Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lap Books

I have been wanting to try to make a lap book with the boys for quite some time. 

Today, since we were wrapping up our study of Columbus, the boys were to prepare a presentation for the family. I decided this would be a great opportunity to create a lap book. But how? I have seen tons of cool pictures of lap books on other blogs, but I was unsure how to start. Are there special folders that are needed? Needless to say, my search began... 

I found this awesome link (update: removed) that was very helpful in showing us how to create our lap book. ALL you need is some card stock and plain ol' file folders. Both of which I had lying around. Pretty colored folders would be nice, but the tan ones I had on hand worked just fine. 

Then as I was searching the net for some activities for the boys to include in their books, I dipped into my leftover home-schooling budget and purchased a subscription to Enchanted Learning. I am constantly running across this site and the pages I am usually wanting to print are for members only. Well... NOW I'm a member :) 

We started with a Color by Adding Numbers activity page of Columbus' three ships. They had to add the fact, and use the sum to find the correct color on the key. Math and art combined, I like that idea! 

Next they learned about Acrostic Poems. They each made their own Acrostic Poem for "Columbus" using this printout. I have a feeling we will be doing more of these in the near future since we all enjoyed creating them VERY much! 

From there the boys learned of the different types of land and water forms, making cards from and online glossary. We then moved on to a Geography Review based on Columbus' travels that was added to their lap books, along with envelopes of their land & water form cards.

We added a couple fun activities from Enchanted Learning to fill in the gaps and that was that! Their first lap books are completed! 

The boys had a blast, and I liked that I was able to combine: History, Handwriting, Poetry, Art, Geography, Science and Math all in one little lap book. 

Here were the kids responses when I asked, "Did you guys like making these?" 

"I liked learning about Columbus so MUCH!! It was so MUCH FUN!" DS1 
"When can we make another one (lap book), Mom?" DS2 
"I want to eat more cookies." DD1 
"Who said ANYTHING about Cookies?!" Mom 

We are now turning the page to the next chapter of our history study... The founding of Jamestown! But right now... I think it might be time for some cookies! 

Stay tuned... I will try and post some pictures later tonight! (It is also time for me to come up with some nicknames for my little ones... DS1, DS2, etc... is getting annoying!)


  1. Wow, sounds awesome! I really need to get that History unit! Good job. How were the cookies :)

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I am not really a *lurker* because I found your blog through the catholicwomenwivesandmothers group...anyway, I am very inspired by your homeschool journey, so thank you for posting about it. I am mama to four little ones, with my oldest one doing first grade. I have been considering subscribing to enchanteed learning, too, but wasn't sure. Is your whole "HIstory unit" from enchanted learning? Is it worth it?


  3. Thank you for the sweet compliments Teresa!! I have enjoyed our home-schooling SO much this year!! And blogging about it helps keep me on task! As far as my history unit goes... It, like most of my curriculum, is a mix of various different programs. I started out by purchasing a number of living history books recommended by Laura Berquist after a visit to a friend up North who really got me excited about history. Then, after the books arrived I wasn't quite sure how to go about using them on a daily/weekly basis. So after more research I found the Early American History Pack for Primary Grades by Beautiful Feet. (You can view it here: I was wary due to the fact that Beautiful Feet is a non-Catholic Christian supplier, but I found that there is nothing in the Early American History Course that is against the teachings of the Church. And since I already owned most of the books in her package I decided to purchase the Study Guide. It has been a HUGE help! I wouldn't have been able to guide the boys in making their History Notebooks this year without her suggestions in the Study Guide. As far as my subscription to Enchanted Learning, I am just using the worksheets there as supplements to the rest of our History course (and hopefully I will be start using it for supplements to other subjects as well.) So far I think it is well worth the $20 for a year subscription... Especially since you have a bunch of little ones, like me :) I hope this helps. And let me know if you have any other questions :)

  4. I'm with the girls
    Who needs an excuse for cookies?
    I bet Christopher Columbus had cookies too (Or would have prefered them to the "hardtack" (hard biscuits) sailors used to take on trips.)

    I want cookies, too LOL


  5. Thank you for the advice, Jessica. I think I am going to give enchanted learning a try. And thanks for the link to the to the BF books. There stuff looks really nice. I might just have to dip into next years homeschool budget... :)


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