Friday, October 26, 2007

More Lincoln Log Creations

Much to the excitement of the Captain & Rascal, we began our study of Jamestown.

We started with reading from Pocahontas, originally published in 1946.

Next the boys got to color a map of Virginia and label Jamestown. This was added to their History Notebooks.

Then, since this was our last subject of the day-- I save it for last, as motivation to get the other subjects done--I pulled out the main source of their excitement.

Our NEW Pohantan Indian Toob and Jamestown Settlers Toob!

We have many different toobs already... But when we were at Michaels a few months ago and I knew we would be studying Early American History this year, I just had to purchase them. The boys were with me and wanted to play with them right away... However, I told them they had to wait till we were studying Jamestown. They didn't forget :)

So during playtime, out came the Lincoln logs once again, and they started making an Indian camp. Here are a couple pictures of the project:


Mom is wondering if anything can come of this mess!!
Well, look at that! Notice John Smith hanging out with Pocahontas?

And one last photo...

So there you go. More proof that learning can be fun!

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