Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Little Flowers for St. Therese

Needless to say, St. Therese is my FAVORITE saint! She has always been there for me when I have asked for her help, especially during a few difficult times of my life.

Today was her feast day, on the Traditional Catholic Calendar. This is the calendar that is still used by the Tridentine Rite. It is the calendar that was used by the Church before the reforms of 1955-1962. It is also the one that my brother-in-laws, who are priest with the FSSP, follow.

I surprised the kids this morning by making them little miniature éclairs before they woke up, in honor of St. Therese. They were a favorite of hers, as Dawn mentioned. Since we were heading to town for a Little Flower meeting this afternoon, we had them with breakfast.

I thought it was so cool that my oldest DD has her first Little Flower meeting today. She was so excited, as you can tell in the photo! The boys have been in Blue Knights for the last year, as well as participating in various sports, but this will be the first extra curricular activity that I have ever put her in. She really enjoyed it!

I wish I had the St. Therese Glory Story CD. It would have been nice to listen to on the trip to town today. We borrowed it once from a friend, and the kids were asking about it. It is on my list of things to purchase someday... Maybe by next year.

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