Monday, August 13, 2007

And MORE progress!!

Posting these pictures is REALLY helping me stay focused and motivated!! I should try this with the other projects I would like to accomplish!! WOW!!

My son & I just hung up our maps, and now there is not much left that needs to be done.. Hooray!!

I would still like to find a nice big area rug and my husband is planning on getting us table & chairs for art projects and such, which will be VERY nice!!


  1. Hey there! Your schoolroom looks great! Looks like a cozy place to educate. I personally am looking at my bookshelves and saying to myself in a negative tone of voice, "I don't want to start school!" I am enjoying my free time too much I guess. We have a wonderful lady and her family, the Mariciches, coming in two weeks to give a workshop on family life. She is a homeschooling mom of 9 and has always inspired me so much, so I am looking forward to getting a shot in the arm. Hopefully by the time school needs to start, I will be excited and enthusiastic. ho hum

  2. That is so great Jessica! I would be so nice to have a room just for schooling. I tried it once but the room was too small for anything other than housing all the stuff!!


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