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An Alphabet of Saints Blocks

An Alphabet of Saints :: Painted Wooden Peg Dolls

Back-to-School Schultütes {Simplified}

Choir of Angels for the Jesse Tree Ornament Swap


  1. Do you know where I can order St. Therese sacrifice bead kits or already made ones that are inexpense? No greater than $2.00 each?

    2016-04-13 21:28:02

    1. Hi Tina, Sorry for the delay in responding. I have never purchased actual kits (just the supplies to make our own: but you can find some available here.

      2016-05-20 17:16:37

  2. hello, Do you know where I can buy miniature color medal of st therese lisieux please (no greater than 0,75 cents. Thanks a lot

    2016-10-29 17:39:52

  3. Hello Jessica, I am from Brazil, I found your blog...I just want to tell you how amazing and happy I am ! You are terrific! I will start Homeschoolling next January. I saw you kids are using Kolbe Academy, for begginners could you sugest Kolbe or Seton? They are 8 and 11 years old. You are great example of Catholic. God Bless your family !

    2018-08-18 23:13:14

  4. Hello Jessica! I was wondering if you could help me locate something? A while back you had an Advent activity where the children colored/glued the different people/things in the Nativity scene each day during Advent. There was a short reflection each day as well. Thank You!

    2020-11-18 03:06:37

    1. Hmmm, I'm not remembering that... maybe from a different blog?

      2020-11-24 04:59:58


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