Alphabet Path

Thanks to Elizabeth Foss and her wonderful Alphabet Path, the girls have really enjoyed this school year.  Here are the links to our highlights from each week.  You can also view all of our Alphabet Path Posts here.

09/12 Update: We are just beginning another adventure Along the Alphabet Path - this time with a (very excited) little 5 year old boy!  I'll continue to update this page with our new posts and highlights from each week!


  1. I just found your blog. How darling! I love the Along the Alphabet Path (the Saints part anyway - not sure how my boys feel about fairies). Where is the original idea located? I clicked on the link but it was broken. :(

  2. The plans are posted on a blog named "Serendipity" by Elizabeth Foss. I just updated the post with a new link. :)

  3. would you say that this is more for girls? I like the Saints and hope to do that part...I have 3 boys and a 4th on the girls...

  4. Yes, I would say that this, especially the way that we traveled the Alphabet Path, is more for girls. It can easily be adapted for boys though! When we do the Alphabet Path again (hopefully next year) with my son, I am thinking about trying to tie in "Woodland Animals" instead of "Flower Fairies", and of course the Saints for each letter. We will choose crafts and extra activities that have more of a boy theme to them.

  5. I am slow I guess - is there a place to buy the Alphabet Fairy Cards? I think they're sweet. My kids are grown - but thinking grandkids!! TX Donna

    1. You can find the Alphabet Fairy Book here, but I am not sure if there are actual cards available.

    2. There is but it uses some different flowers

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for posting all of this amazing information.

    I am a Catholic Mom of four young children. We recently decided to homeschool and will start in a few months. I am very drawn to the Charlotte Mason style and recently read E Foss's Real Learning. I have been reading about the Alphabet Path. Trying to decide if it would work for me/ my kids. It seems really sweet and I love that it integrates a Catholic perspective.
    This coming school year, my two oldest (boys) will be 1st grade ,and K. My daughter will be 4. I also have a toddler who will be 18 mos. But I will be hiring help a few days/ week.

    Elements I'm looking for in a curriculum are: ability to do it "family style" , real books, Catholic, saints, hands-on, outdoor time, low prep, user-friendly.
    I am not sure if this would be good since it's my first year homeschooling. Do you think it's user-friendly (for a newby) or should I find a "pre-packaged" curriculum that is Charlotte Mason style?

    I would really appreciate your opinion and resource suggestions.

    Thanks very much.

    God bless you,
    Raleigh, NC


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