Friday, August 2, 2019

Instagram Recap: DMV, French Toast & Hello Sugar!

August 2, 2019

The women at the Sheriff's/Driver's License Office were trying their best to put me into labor this morning... I thought I arrived prepared right at 8am with my birth certificate, social security card, and proof of residency... I passed the test (barely) but then they sent me back home for a different copy of my birth certificate (apparently the one I brought was not certified) and a second proof of residency before they would give me my temp license... when I got back they realized that they also wanted to see my marriage certificate.... At that point the pregnancy hormones kicked in and the tears started falling... Each trip required signing back in at the end of the line. They came very close to not accepting my copy of our nearly 20 year old marriage certificate (despite the clerk's signature, seal, and number) but eventually got approval from the main office in the capital. After that it was time to head next door (Vehicle Licensing is a whole separate office/waiting list) to start the process of registering all our vehicles (each vehicle had to be present to do that, so musical vehicles began)... After four hours it's all done and we can finally check that off the to do list! Whew!

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*They actually called us back a few days later saying they needed Sean and I to both COME BACK and sign MORE paperwork! Apparently they forgot to have us sign some tax exempt forms on the vehicles... It's all taken care of and we finally have our new license plates and driver's licenses!

After my crazy morning, I probably should have gone home and put my feet up, but there is so much to be done at home right now I decided to just skip it all and take a couple of my girls shopping instead! 

Look at all the BabyLit Books

We set out searching for a Baby Boutique, but apparently we were spoiled with a few lovely options back in Southern Oregon and there are surprisingly few in our new area... We found a total of one (not counting chain stores like Old Navy, Nordstrom, Target, etc) from Coeur d’Alene all the way over to Spokane!  The store we found didn’t really have much for babies but it was absolutely darling and we did come home with a darling little dolly and swaddle for our soon-to-be born baby girl. 


The cashier suggested we also check out a mini donut place just down the road where we ordered their “Carousel” (one of each flavor) and the Lime Kombucha on Tap from the coffee shop next door. 

We could have easily eaten them all, but the girls each enjoyed two, I had the delicious seasonal “Huckaboo” flavor, and we brought the remaining seven back for the rest of the family, after finally making it to Trader Joe’s to restock the fridge and pantry. Now I’m ready for her to arrive tomorrow, just incase she decides to come 16 days early like our last two!

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