Friday, August 4, 2017

Our 2017 Used Book Sale

It's time for the 7th Annual Curriculum Sale Blog Hop! 
You can find all the details, browse books for sale on other blogs, or add a link to your own post here.

I haven't had hardly any time to look through our shelves this year, but here is what I've been able to round up so far...

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items in this post, please leave a comment listing the books you would like, along with your email address. (The email address box is part of the comment form here at Shower of Roses and it won't be displayed publicly.) I will send you a private email with your total, including shipping, along with my Paypal address to send payment. I will also accept payment in the form of Amazon e-gift cards for those who do not use Paypal.

To keep it as simple as possible, I have decided to once again charge a flat rate to help cover the cost of packaging, media mail postage, and any Paypal fees. This year it will be $5 for 1-3 items and $7.00 for 4+ items.

Please only request items that you intend to purchase and are able to submit payment for promptly. Comments are moderated, but I will do my best to approve/publish them as quickly as possible and update the post with "sales pending." If multiple visitors request the same book it will be sold to the first request. Thank you!

Note: Most links are affiliate links.

Prentice Hall Chemistry, wear to cover, some creases to pages, Asking $15.00
Saxon Algebra 2, 2nd Edition, Hardcover, wear to cover, Asking $15.00 (sold)
Saxon Math 5/4 Solutions Manual, cover is falling off,  $3.00 
Saxon Teacher 8/7 Lesson and Test CDs, 3rd Edition, used for one school year, Asking $50.00
Saxon Teacher 7/6 Lesson and Test CDs, 3rd Edition, used for one school year, Asking $50.00 (sold)

First Form Latin - Workbook and First Form Latin - Quizzes & Tests, Asking $10.00 (sold)

Latina Christiana I Set (Teacher Manual, Student Book and DVDs), missing flashcards, first seven lessons completed in student book, Asking $35.00

The Book of Roots, first few pages completed in pencil, otherwise new, Asking $8.00 (sold)

Lingua Angelica Set, like new, Asking $30.00 (sale pending)

Our Goal and Our Guides Answer Key, Asking $7.00
MODG Faith and Morality Syllabus, like new, Asking $17.00  (sold)
We Sing and Listen, Asking $3.00
Reading 5 for Young Catholics Comprehension, Asking $6.00
Reading 6 for Young Catholics Comprehension, Asking $6.00 (sold)
King of the Golden City, Asking $10.00 (sold)

The Winston Grammar Program: Basic Level Teacher's Manual, Student Workbook, Supplemental Workbook, Supplemental Workbook Answer Key, Word Works Teacher's Manual, Word Works Student Workbook, Basic Level Card Set - all in very good condition, Asking $30.00 (sold)

How Do Apples Grow, Asking $0.50 (sold)
Sunlights, Skyscrapers, and Soda Pop: The Wherever-You-Look-Science-Book, Asking $6.00
My First Look at Touch, Asking $0.50

Daily Lesson Plans for Light to the Nations Part Two from CHC, new but taken out of shrink wrap (I decided to use the Kolbe course plans for my high-schoolers instead), Asking $10.0 (sold) 

OLVS Grade 4 Lesson Plans, Asking $25.00

The Last Things, paperback, $2.00 (sold)
Church History, Asking $8.00 (sold)
The Life of Mary As Seen By the Mystics, Asking $6.00 (sold)
A Brief Catechism for Adults, Asking $4.00
The Young Man's Guide, new (duplicate copy), Asking $12.00 (sale pending) 

The Catechism Explained, Hardcover, Asking $15.00 (sold)
Shorter Christian Prayer, Large Type Edition, Asking $5.00
David of Jerusalem by Louis de Wohl, Asking $10.00 (sold)
Works of love are Works of Peace, Asking $5.00 (sold)
I Believe in Love, Asking $7.00
Adoration: Favorite Eucharistic Hymns Sung by the Daughters of St. Paul, new, Asking $10.00

A Penny for a Hundred, new/duplicate, Asking $10.00
Caroline Color & Craft, new/duplicate, Asking $8.00 (sold)
She is Joan of Arc, Asking $3.00 (sale pending)
The Good Master, Asking $3.00
Paradise by Fiona French, Hardcover, Asking $7.00
The Legend of Saint Christopher: Quest for a King, new, Asking $8.00 (sale pending) 

A Gift from St. Nicholas, Asking $3.00 (sale pending)
Mortimer's Christmas (The top corner of many of the inside pages is torn off...), Asking $1.00
Nicholas (DVD), New/duplicate, Asking $8.00 (sale pending)

Into the Sea, Out of the Tomb, new/duplicate, Asking $6.00 (sold)
Manners in God's House, new/duplicate, Asking $10.00 (sold)   (According to Amazon, once upon a time I paid $26.95 for my first copy of this sweet book... It's only $11.54 over at Amazon right now!!!)
I Believe, new/duplicate, Asking $10.00 (sold)

Please leave a comment, or email me directly, if you have any questions. 
Thanks for taking a look!

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