Friday, September 4, 2015

Little Flowers Girls' Club :: Wreath II Crafting Pages

On Tuesday night I stayed up extra late and, with a little help from my husband (thank you, Sean!), I was able to finish the last of the sample pages for my updated Little Flowers Girls' Club Crafting Pages! I sent all the final documents over to Behold Publication on Wednesday morning and they are now available for download!

Whew! So glad to finally have these all completed! #perseverancepaysoff #nowwecanstartournewschoolyear ;)

Visit Behold Publications to purchase the Wreath II Crafting Pages


  1. Are these all in color or is there an option to print them as "outlines" for coloring in? Would like to use them, but concerned about the printing costs of 12 girls x 9 - more than 100 in the year...

    2018-06-28 15:44:00

    1. Yes, they are all in color. A coloring page version is a fun idea.


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