Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Oooohhh! It's always so much fun opening packages from the talented and creative women over at Etsy! Ever since I first discovered Audrey Eclectic last fall I've been wanting to order some of her gorgeous art. I couldn't resist any longer and finally placed my first order last week!
 Thank you, Heather! I love it!!!

{Picture coming soon… It's a surprise for one of our children!} 


Last Monday night...
Triple Berry Cobbler just came out of the oven and is ready for the boys to enjoy when they get home from Hockey! They better hurry or the girls might eat it all...


Last Tuesday night...
After attending a local public hearing, Sean and I were able to go out for dinner! We tried a new restaurant that friends recommended and ordered burgers. I opted for the sweet potato fries and was surprised when they arrived with "Marshmallow Dipping Sauce." We laughed. I never realized that was actually a thing, but it was really yummy. Our children would love it!


Last Sunday afternoon..
She has been playing peek-a-boo with me all day ♥ {I also just finished posting my husband's review of the beautiful new book Treasure and Tradition. Here's the link.}

For those who have asked, I purchased my candle holder here.  :)


  1. The artwork looks lovely and the delicious food! :) Marshmallow dipping sauce? That's a new one for me and it sounds yummy! I can see you serving this white dipping sauce for Marian or Saint feast day celebration...:)

    Speaking of Saints Jessica, I would like to invite you over to check out my current posts all about Saints and the new project I've been working on with a team about the Social Network for Saints called SaintNook :) My post link is here:

    Thanks and have a blessed weekend!

    2015-01-30 22:34:06

  2. That postcard print in the first picture is beautiful! I just checked out her etsy shop. I see a few things I'll be adding to my wish list.

    2015-01-31 00:01:09

  3. I love her etsy shop, too. Does it have to do with the chocolates you posted? Either way, I'm sure it will be loved.

    2015-01-31 01:25:52

    1. Great guess, but no, it doesn't. {Although I DO plan to order a set of postcards with a certain theme for a certain someone's Easter basket this year!} lol It's harder to share things on the blog now that I have older children who love to read along! :)

      2015-01-31 17:28:01

  4. That is one sweet little photo bomber keeping life REAL.

    2015-02-01 00:50:35

  5. I seriously do not know how you do it! Your blog is amazing and all the pictures show you doing so much with so many children. The background of your home always looks so wonderful and clean!! How are you feeding all these children such wonderful meals, keeping them dressed so cute, coming up with such amazing activities all while homeschooling and keeping up a spectacular blog!! How do you find enough hours in the day! I have tried to keep two blogs just to dispense info. and keep track of all of our church activities but I can't find time to post let alone take pictures and download them!! What would we do with out a blogger like you.

    2015-02-09 04:14:00


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