Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Oooohhh! It's always so much fun opening packages from the talented and creative women over at Etsy! Ever since I first discovered Audrey Eclectic last fall I've been wanting to order some of her gorgeous art. I couldn't resist any longer and finally placed my first order last week!
 Thank you, Heather! I love it!!!

{Picture coming soon… It's a surprise for one of our children!} 


Last Monday night...
Triple Berry Cobbler just came out of the oven and is ready for the boys to enjoy when they get home from Hockey! They better hurry or the girls might eat it all...


Last Tuesday night...
After attending a local public hearing, Sean and I were able to go out for dinner! We tried a new restaurant that friends recommended and ordered burgers. I opted for the sweet potato fries and was surprised when they arrived with "Marshmallow Dipping Sauce." We laughed. I never realized that was actually a thing, but it was really yummy. Our children would love it!


Last Sunday afternoon..
She has been playing peek-a-boo with me all day ♥ {I also just finished posting my husband's review of the beautiful new book Treasure and Tradition. Here's the link.}

For those who have asked, I purchased my candle holder here.  :)