Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Young Hunters Day 2014

For years we have been taking the children on a "Field Trip" to the Young Hunters Day, an annual event which includes lots of fun activities, lunch, and even a raffle.  It is sponsored by our local Hunters Association and is always completely free to attend. In 2008 my husband took just our oldest two boys, in 2009 and 2010 we all went, I stayed home with the babies in 2011 and 2013, and I took all the kids myself back in 2012 while my husband had to work. Sean was able to work overtime this past weekend so I took the kids once again.

The Tomahawk Throwing was probably everyone's favorite this year, especially Snuggles.  Twinkle Toes always loves the archery, the big boys always love the Lazer and Trap Shooting. We ran out of time for fishing, and I didn't get any pictures of the Arrow Head display or all the amazing boomerangs, but I did manage to take pictures of everything else!

.: Tomahawk Throwing :.

First attempt!

.: Lazer Shoot :. 

.: Pelt Identification :. 

.: Archery :. 

.: Trap Shooting :.

.: Color-Ons T-Shirts :.

At the end of the day there is a raffle. Each child receives a ticket and when their name gets called they get to go into the building to choose their prize. (No parents allowed!) I always love seeing what each child chooses on their own. This year Captain picked out an Emergency Blanket and Camping Cutlery, Rascal picked a set of Flashlights, Twinkle Toes picked a new sleeping bag, Chiquita picked a pack of Paper targets (to go with the grand prize air shot riffle she won last year. . .  much to the amazement of her older brothers. Twinkle Toes also won a grand prize back in 2009 and came so close this year with her name called 4th after the three grand prize winners!), Snuggles picked out his very own canteen, and (our Play Dough deprived) Rose was incredibly excited about her Dough Go Round and has been asking to open it every day since. . .