Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On Easter Morning {Our 2014 Easter Baskets!}

I have already shared Pictures from Easter Sunday and Our Annual Easter Sunday Egg Hunt. Before I move on to the pictures from the Chiquita's birthday I have Easter Baskets to share, following morning Mass on Easter Sunday.  You can find my past post where I listed the various books and gifts I purchased for this Easter here, but I will include the links in this post as well. (Note: As you already know, all Amazon links are affiliate links.)

It is always so much fun to watch the littlest ones with their baskets! The first thing Bud pulled out of his basket was the Hollow Chocolate Egg with a White Chocolate Chick inside from See's. He immediately unwrapped his candy and took a bite. We all watched and waited to see him discover the chick inside. So cute!  We saved his chocolate cross and lamb for later.

After he finished his egg he sat back down to see what else there was to discover inside that basket of his.  Bud read through (at least once) each and every new book he found in his Easter basket.  

Bud immediately fell in love with his handmade St. Andrew Pillow Doll from his godmother

And then went right back to reading his new books! 

In addition to a pink chocolate Hello Kitty bunny, Hollow Egg, and Chocolate Lamb, Rose received the following books in her basket: Saints for Girls: A First Book for Little Catholic Girls, All Creatures Great and Small, Quiet Time With Cassatt, Sharing with Renoir and Painting with Picaso, Sense and Sensibility: A BabyLit Opposites Primer, My First Pictures of Mary, and Easter Bunny's Amazing Day.

She also was given a beautiful St. Therese Pillow Doll... 

… along with a pink headband with little roses and a darling apron covered with cupcakes from Sew Sweet by Shannon

Snuggles reactions to all his books were so cute. I just love how excited he was to discover books about St. George, St. Michael, Blessed Miguel Pro, and the Holy Father! His older brothers couldn't wait to get their hands on his new illustrated version of The Hobbit too and plan to start reading it to him soon. His books included: Heroes of God: Saints for Boys, Jorge from Argentina, The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition, Saint George and the Dragon , Saint for Boys: Sticker Book, A Little Book About Confession for Children. I also included The Saint who Fought the Dragon: The Story of St. George.

He also found a See's Hollow Egg, a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg, Chocolate Lamb, St. Michael Pillow Saint, Paper Chalk, a set of 12 Soft Pastels, and buried at the bottom a little lego set

Yes, Mom is sneaky like that!  I took all the legos out of the boxes and used them as filler for the bottom of the boy's baskets this year.  As soon as Snuggles discovered his the big boys checked the bottom of their baskets and sure enough they found lego sets too! ;)


Chiquita received the following books in her Easter Basket: Book of Saints for Catholic Children: 96 Illustrated StoriesHeroines of God: Saints for GirlsA Story of St. ClareThe Queen and the Cross: The Story of Saint HelenSaints for Girls: Sticker Book and Saint Bernadette: The Miracle of Lourdes.

Chiquita also received a Saints 'N Stiches Kit of her Patron Saint, a green headband and Purple Tote from Sew Sweet by Shannon, a Cake Batter Filled Easter Egg (it was her birthday after all), a Chocolate See's Egg, a Chocolate Lamb, 12 Soft PastelsLyra Aquacolor CrayonPentel Oil Pastels, Passion Fruit EOS Lip Balm in a Purple "Egg", and a new jump rope!

I usually fill a "Family Easter Basket" with gifts representing the various Easter Symbols.  This year the basket was filled with extra gifts for the Birthday Girl:

Twinkle Toes' Easter Basket was filled with Saints & HeroesSaint Joan of Arc: Quest for PeaceSisters of the Last StrawStout Hearts & Whizzing Biscuits: A Patria Story (Volume 1) and (Volume 2), and The Story of Saint John Paul II, A Boy Who Became Pope.

She also received a Saints 'N Stiches Kit of her Patron Saint, a blue headband and Pink Tote from Sew Sweet by Shannon (she LOVES this tote!), a Chocolate Easter Egg wrapped in pink foil, a Chocolate See's Egg, a Chocolate Lamb, 12 Soft PastelsLyra Aquacolor Crayon, Sakura Oil PastelsPaper ChalkStrawberry Sorbet EOS Lip Balm in a Pink "Egg", and a new pink jump rope


Ranger loved the personalized St. Joseph Prayer Pillowcase he found in his Easter Basket, along with his Twix Egg, Chocolate Hollow Chick Egg, and Chocolate Lamb.  He has also already built the Metal Earth Parthenon.  His new craft supplies (to go along with our upcoming Meet the Masters lessons) included Lyra Aquacolor CrayonsPaper Chalk24 Soft Pastels and Oil Pastels from Pentel.  He also loved the lego set he found buried in the bottom of his basket. 

Captain also recieved a personalized Prayer Pillowcase, with St. Patrick pictured. He also has a love of Peeps (which I just do not understand) and was thrilled to discover a Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg with a PEEP inside.  His basket also included the See's Chocolate Egg, Chocolate Lamb, Art Supplies (Lyra Aquacolor CrayonsPaper Chalk24 Soft Pastels, and Oil Pastels from Pentel), the Metal Earth Brandenburg Gate, and a lego set (my boys have been enjoying the Great Vehicles legos lately, ever since our trip to the hospital).