Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Quick Visit to the Ocean

Who knew it was so hard to find a hotel room for the night with only four children!?  Late Sunday night (on March 23rd) we decided to drive an hour west and stay at the coast for the night, instead of making the long drive home.  We had completely forgotten that spring break had just begun! After either visiting or calling nearly every hotel in the area I was finally able to convince one of the hotels to let us stay in the very last room they had available. It was a lovely room overlooking the ocean and we spent Monday, my husband's birthday, driving down the coast (and even spotted a whale!) after he made the call from the hotel to turn down the job offer. The ocean is always one of my favorite places to visit and I love that it is within driving distance for us. It was such a peaceful way to end that crazy week!


  1. :Years ago when Pete was in the Navy we lived in Bremerton, WA (and Olalla). Whale siting was a favorite when near Puget Sound, your photo reminds me of some great memories when my older boys were really little (the 90's). I'm glad you guys got a fun trip squeezed into so much, it probably helped make such big decisions easier!

    2014-04-02 19:25:21

    1. If you are ever out this way again we would sure love to meet you all! :)

      2014-04-02 20:05:30

  2. So glad you are staying!!! Oh sorry, didn't mean to squeal. And Kathy, yes! Come visit!!

    2014-04-02 20:56:14

  3. Makin' my heart ache and ache and ache, dear Jessica!! Would have loved to have been on the coast this past month. Maybe next month!?!!! ;) Crossing fingers, sayin' prayers!

    2014-04-03 02:21:26


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