Thursday, June 27, 2013

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life. ~
... with a few Instagram photos from the past week...


My beautiful new rose covered chapel veil from Michele isn't just pretty, it is gorgeous!!  I absolutely love it and am so glad I happened to see it when she announced that she had a few for sale.  She doesn't have any more of the lace to make and sell more, but she will be posting a tutorial sometime soon!


Very happy to be back at the ocean and to be meeting up with some of our BFF's at any minute!!!

We were also happy to discover that we happened to wake up Monday morning to the lowest tide of the year.  There was so much awesomeness to explore and discover!  


Instagram Photo taken on the way to the beach... 


Instagram photo taken the following afternoon on the way home from the beach! 


Bud wasn't sure what to think of the operating room as we waited for his doctor...  
He ended up with "just" three stitches since the cosmetic benefits of five were not worth the extra trauma for our scared and mad mad mad little man. He did not like getting those stitches!

Colds & Flu and Overtired & Cranky - I was mixing them all last Saturday night...

As for me?  June has been crazy... Car repairs, Conferences, Camping, Golf Camp, a Birthday, Summer Colds, a Trip to the Coast, and then Dentist appointments (sealants and fillings) for three of us (including me) on Tuesday followed by a trip to the Pediatricians for stitches just as overnight company was about to arrive for dinner.
I think I am ready for a break! 

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  1. That chapel veil is gorgeous!! My 98 year old grandmother died a few months ago. My mother was going through her drawers and came across a chapel veil that she had worn when she and my grandfather came to visit us in Italy when my father was in the military. We toured all over Italy including the great cathedrals. My family is not Catholic but my mother and grandmother would veil when going in these churches. My mother gave me my grandmother's mantilla and so now all these years later, I, a convert have her lovely mantilla :))

    1. Oh that is so special! Thank you for sharing! Offering a prayer now for your grandmother's soul..

  2. Oh my goodness, the shot of the trip to the beach and the trip back are hilarious! Clearly they had no fun at all :P

    And I'm going to need some of that bubble bath...

  3. Could you tell me about your vehicle? Are there four kids in the back row? Our mini-van seats 6 kids, but we're trying to figure out options for 7.

    1. We have a 9-seat Toyota Sienna which we purchased "just in case" when we were pregnant with #4. I have loved the Sienna! When it is just the kids and I (which is most of the time) we still all fit, but occasionally when we all need to go somewhere together (Mass on Sundays, our last camping trip, etc) we take two cars. Sometimes we do squeeze four kids on the back row bench (one car seat, plus three kids sharing the rest of the bench). It is not ideal and we can't go on any long road trips like this, which is why we have still not been able to visit my in-laws to introduce our youngest... This won't work for much longer as the kids get older/bigger, or if we were to have another baby. I recently went and looked at the new Nissan NV Passenger vans, but a new (big) van (not to mention the extra gas it would require!) is just not in our budget at this time. I'd love to hear what you end up figuring out for your family!

  4. The veil is delicate and beautiful. I'll be watching for Michele's tutorial, my choices need some updating, most look like large rectangles of black lace.

    The to and from beach pictures are classic!

  5. Be still my momma's heart! Seeing those big eyes in the "stitches" photo just about breaks it. So much cuteness, so funny/sad to think of how mad/scared he was!

    I better get that chocolate in the mail ASAP, huh? :-)


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