Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If Only

I WISH I'd been a child, dear God,
When You were little too!
O! Think of all the lovely things
We would have thought to do!

Perhaps I would have lived across
The street, and everyday
Perhaps You would have asked me to
Come over, God, and play?

Perhaps You would have taught me how
To saw up wood or clean
The shop or build a little house?--
What fun that would have been!

And then perhaps when we had worked
At that for quite a while,
Your Mother would have come right in
And kissed us with a smile!

O! If I'd only been a child
When You were little too!
Just think, dear God, of all the things
We would have thought to do!

"If Only" from The Child on His Knees by Mary Dixon Thayer

These pictures were taken last Friday afternoon. Our sweet little Bud has been giving Mother Mary kisses and hugs each time he passes her statue next to our front door. ♥   If you could offer a little prayer for Bud it would be greatly appreciated. He keeps falling/hurting himself and ended up needing three stitches last night after splitting his chin. It was definitely a traumatic expierence for my poor baby...


  1. Yes, we will - he is in our prayers (and so is his Mama)

  2. Ugh and ouch!!!!! May our Mother send healing kisses for those boo-boos right away!!!

  3. So sweet, Jessica! My Joseph blows kisses to our Mary garden statue in our backyard. He loves "Mimi," as he calls Her! These little ones truly have beautiful faith. They just KNOW!

    Will continue to pray for Bud ... and for mama! God bless you and your beautiful family!

  4. What a sweet, sweet poem and a sweet little boy!

  5. Pure love! Poor honey! The busy babies always get the most owies! So sad! Prayers to his Guardian Angel.

  6. Poor little guy. :( yes, will pray!

  7. awww,,,I have a picture of my oldest very much like that, :) she will be 17 in September! Don't blink!

    Sorry about the stitches. My 8yo was very prone to owies like that at that age. He has a couple of faint scars on his forehead from particularly nasty falls. What's childhood without a scar or two? lol...but they leave gray hairs for mom!

  8. I love that first picture: it looks as if Mary were kissing Bud right back! Definitely a keeper!

    Gotta love the newest additions: they do love to think they can do all that the older siblings do, with at least as much co-ordination. My youngest (now 6) spent most of his first 2 years with numerous bumps and bruises from trying to keep up! - oh! wait! it is still true! He still thinks that he can do all his 13 year old brother can do!

    Many prayers and blessings being sent your way; for all of you.


  9. Will definitely pry for your little guy.
    What a precious boy....

  10. Thinking of you and your little one. I know how you feel...the bumps and owies keep happening around my home also.

    btw...BEST birthday party evah for the Lone Ranger. OK..every party you do is the best.

    you are so cool!

    I also love it when the toddlers kiss Mary. Sweet sweet love from pure hearts.


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