Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Annual Easter Sunday Egg Hunt


I was so happy that it stopped raining long enough to have our annual Easter Sunday Egg Hunt outside, especially since next year the big boys are going to help hide eggs instead of hunting for them... 
How are they growing up so quickly?!  I want them to slow down... I'm not ready for teenagers yet!!! 

The girls, however, are very excited that they'll have an better chance of finding the "golden egg" next year, without the big boys to compete with!  And the boys are excited to help hide it for a change! 

I'm not complaining about the rainy weather, too much...  Out here you often hear the phrase "If you don't like the weather, just wait an hour." I know some of you still have freezing temperatures and snow. I definitely prefer rain-boots over snow-boots in March and April! 

Snuggles and Rose enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt as much as ever!

We never know what to expect from this little one...  She can be as sweet as can be, but also has a temper to match!  I've never had a child throw temper tantrums like she can, just like the dear saint she is named after. Wow!   Anyways, after an intense and emotional Holy Week, she was in such a fun and happy mood on Sunday.

Bud still wasn't feeling better, but he enjoyed playing with a few plastic eggs during the hunt.  

"Daaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" 
 He had seen his Daddy walk by and wanted to let him know that he opened his egg! 

The kids loved that their little cousin joined us again this year,
 and wish that their 10 other cousins didn't live so very far away! 

Happy Easter Wednesday! 


  1. Our daughter's patron is St. Therese, too...and oh my goodness does she have the personality to match! Blessed Zelie has definitely become my patron, as a result. Haha. On another note, I don't know if you've ever been to the Darien shrine but if you haven't you should go if ever you are in the area! We live not far from it, and have been several times.

  2. I have a daughter named after another head-strong, fiery, doctor of the Church and boy does she live up to her name sake. I am always thankful though that at least her namesake became a great saint despite and because of her strong will and temperment. It gives me hope when I wonder how could I have a child who is so greatly emotional and out of control at times. I am trying hard to teach her to use her "power" for good instead of evil but it is a long, long process--so I feel for you.

  3. Hi Jessica, I was just curious: does the " Easter Bunny" hide the eggs in your family or do your children know you do it? How do your work that? God bless! Katie PS. Here in Colombia there are no eggs, no chocolate ....but we did have it in our family

  4. Your twinkle toes and captain remind me so much of myself and my brother when we were those ages!! and i was just wondering the same thing about the Easter bunny :-) lol ... Happy Easter!

  5. No, the "Easter Bunny" doesn't visit our home - and never has! But the children still love discovering their filled Easter Baskets in the morning (after Mass) and hunting for eggs (after their dad, and sometimes my brothers/sisters and this year aunt) hide them! :)

  6. Thanks Jessica. We have done the Easter bunny with the children...(because almost all of our Easters had been spent with my family amd sister who do that traditon) although we don't make a big fuss about the Easter Bunny but now Im thinking about just having an Easter Egg hunt since my oldest son seems to be skeptical. Will have to talk to my husband to figure out a way to do a smooth transition. God bless!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I have been trying to find a suitable golden egg for our hunt, but came up short when googling it. Where did you find yours?

    Looked like you all had so much funn! We postponed our hunt until yesterday due to rain here in D. C. on Easter Sunday.

    God bless,

    1. I wish I had a link to share with you, but I haven't been able to find it available anywhere! I purchased ours last spring (during the Easter Clearance Sale) from either Hearthsong or Magic Cabin. It's made by Two's Company. Here is the Amazon Link so you can see the box/description. Perhaps you can find one on ebay, or maybe they will make them again in the future...

      Two's Company The Golden Egg in Gift Box


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