Thursday, January 3, 2013

Praying for all Pregnant Women...

... especially Kelly and Jennifer!  Will you please join me? 

Full of confidence, I have recourse to thee, O holy Virgin and Martyr St. Margaret!  I implore thy powerful intercession with Jesus Christ and His Virgin-Mother for all women in the state of pregnancy. Intercede for them, that they may carefully preserve their babies from harm and, by their pious conduct, assiduous prayer, and the offering of good works to God, may obtain many graces for their souls.  

Have compassion especially on her who is now in the state to require thy loving assistance.  Espouse her cause. Obtain for her alleviation in her pains, comfort in her sufferings, and a living healthy child, for the glory of God and the joy of Holy Church. O most loving and thrice-blessed Martyr, thou who art so rich in merit, present to the Heavenly Father all the sufferings and tribulations thou didst endure for His love.  Unite all to the merits of Jesus Christ, to those of His Blessed Mother, and of all the saints in heaven.  Offer them for this poor, suffering mother, O thou who hast lent thy assistance to so many in similar need!  Obtain once more the favor of heaven for this mother and her unborn babe,  Oh, no, good St. Margaret, thou wilt not abandon us! Thou wilt obtain a favorable answer to our request, by thy intercession at the throne of Divine Mercy. We thank thee beforehand for all thy goodness.  In return for all the favors thou wilt obtain for thy clients, we offer thee all the praise and love given thee by saints and angels of heaven; but, above all, the love bestowed upon thee by Mary, the Virgin Mother, and by the Lord of glory, Jesus Christ Himself, as well as all that they will continue to shower upon thee for all eternity.  Amen.

~ Mother Love: A Manual for Christian Mothers (Available from Angelus Press and Amazon
Prayer to St. Margaret for a Woman in the Pangs of Childbirth 


  1. If you are or know a mother in distress, you can get a second class relic of St. Gerard Majella from the Transalpine Redemptorists in Scotland. Just remember to pray for these good monks.

  2. Goodness I would live to get in on some of those prayers! I am not in the dire straights either of those two lovely ladies are- I'm just first trimester sick in a big bad way and I'm really struggling!

    1. You remain in my daily prayers for all my dear online (and offline) pregnant friends! I just didn't mention you all by name in this post! :) Many prayers for you Sarah! The first trimester (and the whole pregnancy usually in my case!) can be so hard!! Congratulations again!

  3. Definitely joining you! Thank you.

  4. I am joining you in prayer them for them! May the Lord, along withSt. Margaret's intersession bring quick blessings of health.

  5. Please pray for my daughter to be able to conceive & have a healthy happy baby...She's 24 & has low ovarian reserve... Her name is Bridget Mary Costello... God Bless :}


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