Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just for Fun

I had to share this little video clip with you all, of our little Bud crawling. He does crawl on his hands and knees when he's on carpet, but usually prefers to slide along on his tummy on the tile and wood floors. He can get around faster that way too.

In this video he is crawling towards me, but the other afternoon he actually "ran" away from me, giggling the whole time, when I went to try and take one of his older brothers toys away from him. The little stinker!


  1. 1. CUTE!!!!

    2. Your floors are crazy clean, girl. I haven't seen floors that clean in... well, let's not go there.


    1. As soon as your little one is crawling all over the place, you'll have clean floors too, out of necessity! My kids keep lamenting that "it was so much easier when the baby couldn't crawl..." Yep, it's been much more work for all of us, especially since we've had to cut back on the cleaning lady (she was only coming 5-6 hrs a month as it was) to help pay for the braces... We've been keeping the floors swept, but it's time to mop them again - it's been a couple weeks, though you wouldn't know it from the video. Thankfully our tile and the wood in the hallway hide spots SO well! If only the wood in our dining room did the same... ;)

    2. I noticed that too; those floors are gleaming!! (And zero clutter!)

      And another thing: I'm amazed that Bud doesn't zoom over to the bookshelf, and empty it onto the floor like my kids did at that age! He looks like a dream baby :)

      Even though mine are no longer at 'that age', they still grab armloads of books. (As did their 4 year old friend the other day.) They all end up on the old floor. You'd think that Montessori school would have effectively taught her the concept of take one at a time and then put it back; my kids seem not to be alone in this. I'm glad they enjoy books and all, but still.

      I was so elated when my five year old flipped through the books on the shelf, without removing any, when they weren't packed in too tightly, but otherwise I might as well be Madam Librarian. All I need is one of those library carts- better yet, one that navigates stairs. lol

  2. How adorable! I can't believe how big he is! :)

    1. I can't either... His 1st birthday is just over 3 months away... How can that even be possible?!

  3. He's too cute and listen to that adorable belly laugh! I think this past year has flown by way too fast. I can hardly get over the fact that my little one will be a year old next month.

  4. I love this video! My son crawled like that for a while! We called him carpet fish! I enjoy reading about your family - I feel like I know all of you! Please check out my blog at

    Thank your for all you share with us!


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