Friday, July 20, 2012

{this moment}

Do you see what I see?   

Bud wanted to make sure that his big brother didn't get all the attention on his 12th birthday today!   I'll be back later with pictures from the party... right now I need to finish getting ready!   


  1. Awww! A first tooth already?! Beautiful. They do grow too quickly, though. sigh.

  2. Yes... and three more on their way anytime! He is growing up way too fast... It does explain why he has been so extra cranky this week!

  3. How sweet. I love those toothless grins, though.

  4. SO cute! He definitely looks like his brothers! Cindy

  5. Beautiful eyes and smile! Those teeth change their look. Our teenage son said our 10 month old looks like a "person" now that he has teeth - ha! I miss the gummy smiles, though!


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