Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Afternoon with Auntie

Just before Christmas, on December 23rd, my sister JoAnn came over to watch the kids while Hubby and I took our (4 day old) baby to see the pediatrician.   JoAnn had just arrived home from spending a semester in Rome (!!!) and our kids were so excited to get to spend a little time with her.

In addition to the "photo shoot" ;) that took place while we were gone, she also made some Candy Cane Dots with the kids...

... and then spent a little time getting to know her newest nephew once we arrived home.


Twinkle Toes ended up making some more Dots the next morning, while I made one batch of Persimmon Cookies for Christmas.   (Which was pretty much the extent of our Christmas baking this year!)


  1. pretty aunt, pretty nieces, handsome nephews! :)
    semester in rome...? lucky aunt...

  2. I know what a blessing! She had been attending University of Dallas, a great Catholic College in TX, and was able to spend the first semester of her Sophomore year in their Rome program. In addition to her studies and sightseeing all over Rome, she also was able to travel to Greece, Italy, and many other places as well. I was just a little jealous! ;)


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