Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 30

By now God may have topped me
with one lovely head of hair.
I am His beautiful creation.
When I'm born, you'll want to stare!

~ The Miracle of Me

I didn't plan on crying at either of my appointments yesterday afternoon... The first appointment was just my routine 2 week check-up, followed by a "Fun 3D" ultrasound - and it sure did make me smile (through even more tears) to get another peek at our little guy (and see his little foot touching his forehead)!

However, at my first appointment, my amazing and wonderful midwife surprised my by saying that she had a confession to make. Apparently her and her husband will be going out of the country for Christmas this year to visit family (as they should!) and will be gone from around the 20th-28th of December. I am not actually due until January 1st (originally Dec 25, but then changed due to my ultrasound), but in the past I have averaged around 7-10 days early, which is right around Christmas.

My midwife has really spoiled me in the past, delivering our children (all 6 of them!) whether she has been on call or not, and I haven't even met the other midwifes in her office. I don't know why, but for some reason I have already been extra nervous about delivering this baby, and now I am even more so... I keep telling myself that everything will be okay, and will work out as it is suppose to, with or without those that I am use to having (Hubby still hasn't been released from his training beginning Jan 1) at the delivery.   Right?!?


  1. He looks like a smush of Chiquita and Snuggles. Definitely not an alien baby! : )

  2. That is what I thought too! He seems to have Chiquita's nose (at least in some of the images) but overall reminded me the most of Snuggles. I am very curious to see what his coloring will be, since Chiquita and Snuggles are the most opposite!!!

  3. I love these 3D images!! I wish I could have gotten one last time with Little Man. With as many ultrasounds as I had to have you think I would have been able to get at least one. The baby looks wonderful! I continue to pray for you and your littlest one. Try not to worry (ha ha, I know, easier said than done). God bless you, Jessica!

  4. Oh, he's beautiful!! He's healthy!! That's what's important, right?

    They tried to get a 3-D image at my last level 2--end of Sept, but there was not enough fluid around the face, so I'm kind of excited to see next time....but kind of nervous because of the cleft---it will make it so much more final, maybe...does that make sense?

    I had to deliver one baby without my OB and had to have a different one, I thought it would be hard, but, it wasn't. Everything was fine.

  5. Jamie, you actually came to mind when I started crying, thinking that I was being ridiculous for crying over such a silly thing. You and your beautiful little one are in my thoughts and prayers daily! I hope they are able to get a 3D image for you next time!

    I had thought this ultrasound was for his Echocardiogram, but apparently there was a little confusion and it hasn't been ordered/scheduled yet. So we are still waiting for those results, but he is healthy and I am so very thankful, especially knowing (all too well) the challenges we could be having. . .

  6. Oh how exciting! He looks absolutely perfect! I have never had a 3D ultrasound and am so jealous. He looks so much more like a baby than in the standard ultrasounds.

    Thank you so much for giving me the prayer I requested on Catholic Cusine. After a miscarriage around Easter I'm 20 weeks with out fourth :) I guess God is laying up a mansion full of children for me ;) He knows heaven wouldn't be heave. Without lots of pitter pattering feet up there...

    I delivered my second without my ob, it was all good. In fact the easiest delivery, he just kind of slipped out...haha.

  7. GOD IS AN AMAZING ARTIST. HIS CREATION IS SUCH A GIFT TO BEHOLD! Praying that everything will be perfect for your delivery. :o)

  8. wonderful pictures. don't you wish you could see the coloring on ultrasound. maybe one day we'll have the technology.

  9. Beautiful pictures. It's so nice to have one, especially such a great one in 3D (I couldn't even get a copy of my 2D).

    As far as delivering without your midwife, I'm sure it'll be ok like Jamie Jo said. Because of the speed of my deliveries, my doctor only delivered my first child, came in after my second was born to "finish up" and my third was delivered by my husband. And it all ended up ok with each. :)

    You're in my prayers!

  10. He is so adorable. I agree with Charlotte. As soon as I saw the pics, I could see especially snuggles in him. I love 3D images. I have only had one 3D ultrasound and it was very special. As for the delivery, God will provide. I had different providers everytime. It all works out. You are in my prayers.

  11. looks like snuggles to me too. I would of been tearing up pretty badly...I actually do mist up pretty bad at all my ultrasounds.

    Don't you go a bit early...I am thinking you might and then for sure you will have your midwife. worry not though, God has it all taken care of!
    much prayers,

  12. Yes, I always do go early. Captain was 5 days early, Rascal was 7 days early, Twinkle Toes was 10 days early, Chiquita was 3 weeks early, and then Snuggles was only 3 days early, and I felt like I was overdue! ;) Rose ended up being 10 days early, which is pretty much my "average"... The dates that my midwife will be out of town are over my 4-12 days early. Which is nearly all of my deliveries, except for Chiquita (3 weeks) and Snuggles (3 days). It might be close!

    Honestly, I would really prefer that I delivered between the 29th and 31st - making it past Christmas and before the new year (thinking tax credit and calendar year deductibles) or even at 3 weeks early, or 2-3 weeks early, giving me time to be home for Christmas. I guess we will see!

    I am feeling much better after everyone's encouragement and hearing that Hubby *finally* was told this evening that they had a replacement for him on the training. Just as long as I make it to the hospital and don't deliver somewhere along the way, on our own! ;)

  13. I immediately thought he looked like Snuggles too, especially the second image... how cute w/ his little foot up in his face!! Precious!

    Just make sure you meet the other midwives in the practice and that will give you peace of mind. I was so scared w/ my first that we'd end up w/ the one really mean OB in the practice... he was so rude and demeaning that he made me cry at an appointment! I just talked to another one of the OBs in the practice who reassured me that if the mean OB was on call, they'd send somebody else in! Hopefully all the other midwives will be great and as willing to work with you as the ones in my practice have been. I liked all the OBs there with my third (the mean one is long gone now!) and would have been happy with any of them, but my husband still delivered the baby at home... oops! Anyway, I understand that it can be unnerving if you have any questions surrounding who will be there at delivery. I hope they are all just great so that you'll feel at ease if a different midwife ends up at the birth.

  14. oh Jessica, what a beautiful, beautiful baby! Am I the only one that sees Rascal in the images...though I do see a bit of snuggles in the second one!
    My prayers for you are health and peace of mind, and that even if you must give birth in a "stable" that angels will surround, protect and encourage you! God bless you and your family always.

  15. Jessica,

    Do you have a St. Gerard Handkerchief to keep with you for the delivery? If you need one, call the National Shrine of St. Gerard at St. Lucy's Church in Newark, NJ. They will send you one along with a medal, prayer booklet, and holy card. I have one, and it always helps me feel safer and more protected when it comes time to deliver my babies.

    St. Gerard, pray for us.


  16. Wow! I see a resemblance of Snuggles and your hubby's side of the family! I'll pray for your delivery and that your hubby will get that time off.
    Teresa in Kansas


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