Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New World Explorers :: A Pueblo Diorama

One of the boys' assignments for Unit 1-New World Explorers, of their American History course this year, was to create a Pueblo Diorama.   They used the printable card stock pueblo from our Time Travelers Series New World Explorers Cd (also available from Rainbow Resource), which is the same wonderful resource we have been using to create our New World Explorers Lap Book.    

While Captain worked on coloring and assembling the actual pueblo...

... Rascal worked on painting the diorama!

Together they did such a great job, and had a wonderful time in the process! 

This week we are wrapping up Unit 1 and will be having an Exploration Celebration this afternoon!   I love that it is falling on October 12th... The date that Columbus discovered the New World!  


  1. Get that Rascal doing murals!! :o) I love that kid's art work. Your boys did a great job assembling their diorama. I love how Captain put all of the buildings together so meticulously. There is always a good idea waiting here on your blog. On a completely random note, I had a dream that I should tell you to rest extra. Praying always for that beautiful, precious family of yours. Take good care!

  2. Thanks for the comment, and Rascal says thank you too! :) Your dream made me laugh... I need all the reminders I can get lately. It seems like there is always so much to get done, but I really do need to try and make myself rest more, so thank you! God bless!


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