Monday, October 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes at Harry and David

This past Friday, our four oldest children and I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Harry and David Factory and Kitchens!  We met up with some friends at the Country Village Store, where we loaded onto buses and watched a short video while passing by the 200 acres of fruit orchards on our way to our tour.

When the tour guide asked what Harry and David is the most famous for, Captain eagerly answered "CANDY!"  However, even though they do make amazingly creamy chocolate truffles, malt balls, and "Moose Munch" (one of my kids favorite treats!), they are the most famous for their mail-order sales and shipment of the delicious Royal Riviera Pears, which they first started shipping in 1934!

Our first stop was to see the pears being sorted and boxed.

From there we headed over to see the various Gift Towers & Boxes being assembled.   

I thought this "tower taper" was the neatest thing, as it quickly taped the tower of sweet treats together, so another assembly line worker could hand tie a ribbon around the package. 

The lady pictured on the top right (and her sister) are the fastest basked packers with the company.  They average 45 seconds to pack a basket!  We timed her, and from start to finish she had packed a basket in 41 seconds.   If only I could pack that fast! lol! 

Next we got back on the bus and then headed to the kitchens to watch Moose Munch being made, 50 lbs. at a time and up to 800 lbs. every hour!   My kids were all very excited, and it totally cracked me up when Rascal said,

 "Ohhh!! The GPS inside my head is leading me towards the Popcorn and Carmel!!!"  

These modern day children... 
When I was growing up, I always referred to it as my nose!  ;)

The tour ended with a little box of treats for everyone, including cookies and chocolates, and then we headed back to the Country Village for even more delicious samples of Moose Munch, fruits, jams, salsas, and coffee/teas!

The kids were also able to color a picture in exchange for an apple of their choice from the produce section.  My girls both opted for a Pink Pearl, and the boys just searched for the biggest apple they could find!  

We ended the morning with a little shopping and came home with a couple bags of seasonal flavored Moose Munch, a big bag of pears and some delicious relishes (that are so great mixes with cream cheese and served with chips).   It was such a fun day! 


  1. What fun!

    We did this tour a few years ago when we were down there for an equestrian event for my oldest daughter. I thought it was all very interesting!


  2. I would have LOVED to do that. Never even thought about touring the facility! Strange... the Easter before we moved to Oregon, my aunt sent our kids a Bunny tower of treats that was wonderful. We had never heard of H&D and when I googled... I was so surprised to find that we were moving in as "neighbors" in the fall!! Yum Yum to all their treats!

  3. Have you read the Curious George story of when he Visits the Chocolate Factory?! My boys love it. And boy, would that be fun to go to a real chocolate factory! When they're a little older we'll have to go to the Hershey Factory. :)


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