Friday, September 16, 2011

State-by-State Baking :: Delaware Peach Crumble

My boys have very slowly been scrapbooking their way through the 50 States.   Since we are now focusing on American History I am hoping that they will be able to make much more progress this year, and perhaps finish the study.   Now that the girls are a little older, they will also be joining the fun, and hopefully catching up to the boys soon, so we can study each state all together.

Like the boys, the girls will also be reading the Discover America State by State Books and completing some of the Student Activities.

Unlike the boys, the girls will be taking a slightly different approach, completing simple Notebook Pages for each state (after reading and studying the Alphabet Book) and then spending some time in the kitchen preparing a recipe (or two) that tie in to each particular state in some way.   They are very excited and just completed their study of Delaware this week!    

Delaware Notebooking Pages
by Twinkle Toes (L) and Chiquita (R)

"The Spanish brought the peach to the New World,
a very bountiful fruit tree. 
The blooms became our state flower, 
so Peach blossom is our P."
Delaware Peach Crumble


½ cup flour
½ cup brown sugar
½ teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Pinch of salt
4 tablespoons butter
5 peaches, or 2 16-oz. cans of peach halves, drained and sliced


First, make the topping by combining flour, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and salt in a bowl.

Cut in the butter and mix with your fingers until crumbly. Set aside.

Peel and slice peaches. Arrange the slices in a buttered 1-quart baking dish.

Cover with the crumble topping and bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes.

Serve warm with ice cream or whipped cream.

The Peach Crumble sure didn't last long, but it was such a fun way to end our school week!

Resources we used for this State Study:

F is for First State Teacher's Guide (pdf)
Delaware Notebooking Page from United States Maps
United States Coloring Book

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P.S. Is there anyone out there from Delaware that would be willing to send my kiddos a Delaware postcard? If so please send an email to jessica.showerofroses(at)gmail(dot)com.  If you have children studying the states, we'd gladly return the favor with a postcard from our state! 


  1. Jessica! I love this recipe and how you instill the history part into it. So much fun. Thank you for linking your site with different homeschooling ideas. God bless you. I hope you rest up after a very busy week. =)

  2. Dear Jessica! i have a stupid questions (as always :) ) your aprons always look so incredible crisp on the pictures. Do you starch them??? If yes, how? I am looking for a good home starch recipe ( I use the ready made starch).

  3. Your girls are getting so big. Although I don't live in Delaware, I have homes in Washington, Utah, and Arizona. I would be glad to send your girls post cards, when it is time for these states.

  4. Magdalena ~ Can you believe that I think I have only washed those aprons maybe once... and I am not even sure if they have ever been washed! I was actually thinking that they needed to go to the laundry basket that day... They didn't make it there though, since I noticed a couple spots on one of them. However, when I do wash the aprons I usually just hang them up to dry, instead of putting them in the dryer, and the colors stay so much prettier. Other than that, I don't do anything special. :)

    Ginger ~ That is so sweet of you! I actually posted a request on Facebook last night, asking for postcards from each state, and already have them coming from Washington and Arizona. If you'd still like to do Utah, that would be wonderful!

  5. We enjoyed this peach recipe:

    It uses three cups of sliced peaches. And I don't think I used safflower oil, probably canola or just melted butter...

    If you'd like a postcard from Georgia, we can send one, at some point in a few weeks when I'm getting out and about more with new baby. :) I think GA was the 4th state, so guess you'll be getting to that one soon! You could make some yummy peanut-related recipes!

  6. What a neat idea to learn about the states using recipes! Wish I'd done that when homeschooling my nephews. Here's a thought for you - love the little workbook pages and wonder if you know about the wonderful Dover books of flower and bird stickers for each state? The boys loved those and used them to fill out their pages. We also got a book of the state flags to color and colored them (then hung them around the walls of the room) in order of the states admission to the union. To this day I can remember the first states by thinking of how they were arranged on the walls!
    I'd be glad to send postcards and a special Cincinnati chili mix when you get to Ohio!

  7. Erin ~ Thanks for the link!! I actually already have someone in GA that the kids will be exchanging cards with. Thank you though!! Congratulations on your new little one!!

    Donna ~ That is so sweet of you,! I would just love for you to send the Cincinnati Chili Mix and postcards from Ohio! If all goes as scheduled (1-2 states per week), we will be working on Ohio at the beginning of November, at the earliest.

    I do have the Dover Coloring books for the girls to use. They are such great books!


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