Friday, September 30, 2011

Shower of Roses Little Flowers Girls Club Link-up :: Our September/1st Meeting for the Year

I know I have only just posted the plans for this year, but it is already time for the link-up for our September Little Flowers Girls' Club!   I will leave this link-up open for the next three weeks, allowing you all plenty of time to add your links. My girls and I are looking forward to seeing how you all started the year!  I will be back soon with pictures from our first meeting, which took place yesterday afternoon.

You can read the details for the Shower of Roses Online Little Flowers Girls' Club here, and you can also find the registration details here in case there is any one else that would like to join us!

Note:  You can easily find all the link-up posts listed at the bottom of my Little Flowers Page, or under the label for Little Flowers Online Girls' Club.

To Participate:

1. Create a post about your September Little Flowers Meeting (or 1st Meeting for those that will be having it in Oct) for this year and/or follow up assignments that are completed before the next meeting.  (I am currently looking into the options for those that do not have blogs to add links... If anyone has a suggestion, please leave it in the comments below!)
2. Using the linky below, enter the exact link to your post.
3. Add a link your post, referring back to this post so that others can find the link-up as well! (Please feel free to include the Shower of Roses Little Flowers Girls' Club Button if you'd like!)
4. Be sure to visit the links and see what everyone else in our group has to share!
5. This linky will remain open until October 21st.

Note: The next link-up, for our October Meeting, will be posted on Oct. 14th. 

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  1. Thank you for your Little Flowers ideas! We will be relying heavily on your blog to help our group get off the ground!


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