Friday, August 19, 2011

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Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life. 

I had this post half finished Wednesday night, but wasn't able to finish it for some reason - as I frantically tried to figure out what to pack in the event that we were evacuated, and pray for the safety of our home, church, and neighbors.   Even though it is Friday, I am going to post it anyways.  


Yesterday we woke up early to attend a beautiful Latin Mass offered in our home by my brother-in-law, went out to breakfast, then took a road trip to a gorgeous lake - before heading home with pizza and shortly later were alerted to the smoke that could be seen from our home.   What a day! 


Taken earlier this week, right after my 20 week Ultrasound!
So happy that we have a healthy, beautiful, baby boy.   Not so happy that I am so much bigger than I was at this stage in my last pregnancy... And here I had thought I was "HUGE" back then!  {Ha!}


Our "Announcement" on Facebook, courtesy of Chiquita (age 6)


 The boys and I drove down to town last night to see the other side of the ridge.   As of this morning the fire had increased to 425 acres, but is 40% contained.   Hopefully it will be completely contained soon!

My parents own a little 24-hour self-serve car wash in town, and I was so surprised to see that it had been blocked off and turned into a command station!   I called my Dad and laughed when he answered the phone "RR fire department."  I said "No kidding, we are looking at your car wash right now."  He responded "What?!  Why?!"  Apparently he had no idea! 

Thank you all so much for your prayers!

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  1. Love the picture of you, you look wonderful, beautiful as usual!!

    Praying for your family and that fire to stop!!

    That lake picture is just almost too beautiful to be real!!

  2. I agree with Jamie! It looks like one of Mary
    s pictures from Hawaii. I want to come visit Oregon!!! Um... once it's not on fire anymore.

  3. Awww, you are so cute! Love the lake pic. I'm glad to hear the fire is getting contained. We've been praying.

  4. Jessica, you look beautiful! Not just in the picture mind you, but in real life as well!

    Charlotte, come to Oregon! The fire season should be over in a month or so... lol, just when you have cupcake!

  5. YEA YEA YEA!!! You made it up to "Lake Beautiful"!!! :) A perfect place to take your beautiful pregnant self, and your beautiful family... all the beauty in Oregon!! It is dry as a bone in the fields around here in Oklahoma. BIG big fires from all the lightening lately - things are a little charred.

  6. Jessica,
    You look beautiful - as always!

    Praying that your home is safe from the fires.


  7. oh wow. I'm sending lots of prayers. Our little town of Los Alamos was evacuated earlier this summer because of a huge fire. The power of fire is astounding. As we were saying prayers for our community and felt such peace from all of the efforts by the courageous firemen I couldn't help but think of the hero in your own home. Praise God for the generosity of those who keep us safe. Praise God for angels too whom I humbly implore look after you.

  8. Congratulations on your healthy baby boy! Praise God for healthy babies! I just gave birth to a little girl last Friday. She is being baptized tomorrow! I just love babies, don't you?

    I am praying for your safety from the wildfire.


  9. Your photograph would have covered the "pretty" AND the "happy"! You look fantastic. Congratulations on your baby boy!!


  10. Jessica, you look beautiful! You have that baby glow! So so tickled for you to be carrying a baby boy! May God be with you throughout this special time! Hugs! Emily


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