Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inspired by Charlie Daniels. . .

This little conversation took place between Captain and I, on the 2nd day of Golf Camp last week (I had forgotten to bring sunblock the first day):

Mom:  Come here boys, I need to put some sunblock on you this morning.

Captain:  Okay, but could you please not put any on the back of my neck?

Mom:  Why don't you want any on your neck?

Captain:  So that I can be a Redneck!

Mom:  WHAT!?!  Why do you want to be a Redneck?!?

Captain:  Well... Doesn't this world need a few more Rednecks?

I think we have been listening to our County Music Station on Pandora a little too frequently. . .


  1. cute. Our kids are enjoying "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" by John Denver these days.


  2. HaHaHaHaha....That was Great! Give him a kiss for me.

  3. Too cute!!! He and Charlie are right though, we do need more rednecks, but be sure Captain knows you can be a redneck while still using sunblock.

  4. LOL...that was funny!

    It's hilarious what the kids pick up...even from country music.

  5. LOL!! Too, funny. I'm sure this garnered him an instant hug from you. Kids are precious.

  6. LMBO! That is so funny!


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