Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making Chocolate Nests for Easter

On Holy Saturday the girls really enjoyed making Chocolate Nests, like they had done last year

Easter was SO close, and the excitement was building quickly! 

Uh oh!  "Don't touch!! It's not Easter yet!"

Oooh! Snuggles snuck a stray Chow Mein noodle. . . 

... and was a little too happy to "Hold the Spoon" for a minute!

Just look at him licking his little lips, while looking at that spoon covered in chocolate!  Way too tempting... The torture! 

The girls had so much fun working in the kitchen...

... and they didn't mind having a "helper!"

After we finished making the Chocolate Nests, we went on to make a new variation of Bird's Nest Cookies.   I posted the recipe, and even more pictures, over at Catholic Cuisine

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  1. Snuggles is just too funny! oh those faces....
    My 3 1/2 yo boy makes that exact same face with the tongue (the one with Snuggles holding the spoon.)
    Wishing you a Blessed Easter Season!


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