Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gingerbread Fun

On Christmas Eve, after attending the vigil Mass and before heading back out to also attend the Midnight Mass, we had most of my family (my parents, three of my sisters, five of my brothers, my sister-in-law and sweet little niece)  over for dinner and to decorate Gingerbread Houses!

In preparation, earlier that afternoon Twinkle Toes and Rascal helped construct the houses, with Gingerbread Graham Crackers and melted white chocolate, so they would be all ready to decorate.

In the meantime, I raided my pantry and filled a couple muffin tins with various candies, pretzels and marshmallows to use for decorating.

This really was a perfect way to use up all the various leftover candies that have accumulated from all our baking projects over the year!   Plus, it looked really cool in the muffin tins, don't you think?!?

At first I had them on the table, but after realizing that the marshmallows were quickly disappearing, I moved the "supplies" to the counter...

After dinner, everyone was excited to get started with the decorating! 

Here are this year's finished Gingerbread Houses:

Up house with Balloons, curtains, Russell and Mr. Fredrickson
by Rascal (inspired by the movie UP)

The Chapel  by Twinkle Toes, Aunt Mary and Uncle Paul
(I just love the "bell tower, stained glass windows, and gummy trees!)

Gingerbread House on Wheels by David (my youngest sibling and Godson)

Twas' the Night before Christmas" by Brian and Meagan

Flying Buttresses by Captain and Aunt Julianna

Strawberry Cottage by Chiquita and Aunt Mary


  1. What a neat project! Everyone must have such a grand time! I sure would love to have a pantry like about finding some goodies in there! Fantastic pictures!

  2. Those are amazing!!! Can you send your master builders down here for some help with ours next year? :)

  3. Such fun!!! They came out so great too!!

  4. Those are just delightful! You have a knack for hospitality:o) God bless you.

  5. Wow - really great! I thought about doing gingerbread houses with my kids ... but I am not much of a fan of gingerbread ... I like the idea of using graham crackers!


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