Monday, October 18, 2010

State-by-State Scrapbook :: South Carolina

"P is for Palmetto,
our official state tree.
It's also a symbol on our flag,
respected by you and me."

~ P Is For Palmetto: A South Carolina Alphabet

The boys finished studying South Carolina last year, but I never did get around to posting the pictures.  We didn't make nearly as much progress on their State-by-State Scrapbook last year as I would have liked.   The boys were making the scrapbook pages in addition to other Geography work they were doing, and since we were just spending one afternoon a week (on average) working on their notebook pages it seemed to take 3-4 weeks to complete each state!   I am hoping that we will be able to pick up the pace this year (now that we are finally getting back to Geography!) and make a bit better progress this year.  

By Captain

By Rascal

Loving all things relating to the study of past wars, the boys' favorite quote from the book was the following:

"J stands for James Island where at the start of the Civil War, 
the first shot was fired written in history evermore."

The boys have moved on, and are now just about finished with the state of New Hampshire.  I'll post pictures soon!


  1. Oh! And jasmine smells soooo good!

  2. That brings back memories! We were stationed at Charleston AFB for almost 4 years!
    Miss the Magnolias. Azaleas and Spanish Moss :)
    We live in MA now, let me know if you'd like some NH postcards for your next state project!


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