Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Swings, Sisters and Soccer Balls = Lots of Smiles!


  1. Jessica,
    Praying here that all goes well with your remodel and that you don't feel too overwhelmed.

    I love your alphabet saints, so I picked up some peg dolls to paint, but I seem to have lost my paints! Well, I guess it's time to start a new inventory of them anyway... I bought the Nippert book you used in your series and I love it! I'm going to do something similar to teach my 3yo her alphabet this year.

    I have a question... If you could only get two of the Catholic Artworks CD-ROMS, which would you get? I had thought about getting the Faith Keepers combo for all the saints, stations, and Easter clipart it has and then the Teacher's Helper #8 for the Jesse tree and Christmas clipart... but then I realized that the faith keepers combo would be missing some of the alphabet saints. I know Teacher's Helper #7 has all the alphabet saints, so I'm debating between it and the faith keepers combo... Or is there a different combination of two cd's you would get?

    Oh dear, look at my rambling! I'm sorry to go on and on... caffine overload...

    Thanks so much!

  2. Sigh, goodness she is getting so BIG! I miss you guys. :(

  3. Soooo cute! She loves that ball.

  4. what beautiful girlies you have Jessica. On Erica's comment, I'm doing that same decision right now, and I'm thinking of getting the Faith keepers combo as well as the Teacher's helper Number 7 -- if memory serves. (I ruled out Number 8 because a while ago I purchased the individual Jesse Tree ornaments, and plus I'm looking forward to doing the Jesse tree ornaments you inspired me with last Advent.) But I'm interested in your response to Erica as well,

  5. Oh... she is so sweet! My 5 y/o son was looking over my shoulder and suddenly kissed Rose's picture. I asked him why he did it since he does not know who she is... he replied, "She is just so precious, Mom." +JMJ+

  6. Oh my gosh, she is just deliciously cute! Do you think she looks more like Chiquita than your oldest girl? (I can only think of her real name, not her blog name.)

    Fun, fun, fun!

  7. I have a couple minute break from painting and thought I'd pop back in for a second. :-)

    Erika & Gardenia ~ The Faith Keepers Combo is my ABSOLUTE favorite. The Teachers Helper #7 came in super handy for the Alphabet Path, and if you are doing that with your children it would be my next pick.

    The Jesse Tree Clip Art would be nice to have, especially if you don't already have a Jesse Tree, but there are many places to print ornaments online. Here are couple links:

    Paper Dali - Jesse Tree Ornaments or here

    I love them all, but I haven't used any of the cd's nearly as much as those two.

    Annita ~ That is SO precious! Thank you for sharing that with me!

    Aubrey ~ She definitely has her own look, though I still think she looks the most like my oldest daughter - though I am seeing more of Chiquita in her lately as well! It's so hard for me to tell!


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