Monday, July 26, 2010

Ten More Takes

I started this post last Wednesday and am just now getting around to finishing up the post. I've just had so little time for blogging, not to mention reading blogs and responding to emails. I have a feeling that it will probably continue to be that way for the rest of the summer, though I will continue to try and pop in from time to time.

To be quite honest, it was such a blessing that everything fell into place last Tuesday morning and Captain's birthday turned out to be such a special day for him.  I am doing better at the moment, but last Monday I had been completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and on the verge of a breakdown.  I do realize that we are so blessed to be able to remodel our home right now, but any extra prayers you can send our way, as we try to make it through the process, would be greatly appreciated!

Anyhow, here are "Ten more Takes" from Captain's 10th birthday last week:

~ 1 ~

A free Birthday Drink from a local Coffee Drive-Thru!

~ 2 ~

We all had so much fun at the bowling alley.   I was very thankful that it only cost $10.00 (the cost of shoe rental) for five of my children to bowl two games each!  Do you have a bowling alley in your area that is participating in the Kids Bowl Free Summer Program?  I think we will have to make the effort to go back once or twice before the summer ends! 

~ 3 ~

Tuesday is also "Kids Night" at our Applebee's (all kid's meals are just 99 cents each), so we headed there for dinner!  (As a family of 8, eating out has become a rare treat!)  We arrived at 5pm, just as my sister, Aunt JoAnn, was starting her shift!

~ 4 ~

During dinner I told Captain that I just couldn't believe he was already 10 years old. . . Rascal piped in "Oh no. . . Your not going to start cryin' now, are ya?  Don't go starting the waterworks!"   And, wouldn't you know it?!  That was all it took to get the tears flowing!  He can be such a little stinker!!  ;) 

~ 5 ~

After dinner Captain and I went to pick out a cake!  I was sad that I couldn't make him one myself - he had wanted a "jet cake" - but he was SO excited when I told him that Dairy Queen actually makes Blizzard Cakes! They even had his favorite flavor!  Yum!!

Rascal, who couldn't get past the fact that we weren't going to decorate the cake, made a lego "10" himself, to add to the store bought cake. 

~ 6 ~

Captain had another surprise when we arrived home with the cake.  It was a last minute decision and Hubby picked it up in between bowling and dinner.  

~ 7 ~

Snuggles LOVED the cake.   However, as soon as his big brother blew out the candles he said,  "Heyyyyy!!  You ruined it, the candles!  It's MY birthday!"  He was a bit confused! lol!

~ 8 ~

After the cake, it was time to open gifts.  It makes me so happy that my children get excited about receiving books as gifts!  Captain received a number of books off of next year's book list for World History, including a couple books about his favorite saints! 

~ 9 ~

His final gift was a game he had been wanting for A. LONG. TIME!  

(We were able to purchase this game with some of the credit I earned from those of you who purchase from Amazon after clicking over from one of my links, so THANK YOU!) 

~ 10 ~

At the end of the day Captain said "Thank you so much Dad & Mom.  This was my favorite birthday ever!"  Then he went on to add, " I say that every year, don't I?!"   

He is such a wonderful son and we are so very blessed to have him in our life!


  1. What a wonderful day!! I am so glad he had a great day, he is a great kid!!

  2. Saying prayers for you! Hang in there. Remodeling is not so fun with a bunch of kiddos under foot and the kitchen in remoderls chaos. Only do what you need to do.

    Your son seems like he is becoming such a fine young gentleman! Congratulations on 10 successful years of parenting him!

  3. Happy Birthday Big Guy!!!
    So sweet. Some of the best days (& birthdays) are the simplest. I'm trying to keep that in mind as I organize for Pumpkin's 4th birthday party this weekend. Can't wait to share pictures.

  4. what a fun day for Captain.

    I will pray as you go through your remodeling!! That is a hard one.

  5. Sounds like a lovely birthday and a very special boy!

  6. How fun!

    Do you know anything about the different versions of Axis and Allies? I just looked on Amazon and saw too many options! I'm overwhelmed and have no idea what I'm looking at!

  7. I just wanted to ask you if you had any friends at captain's Birthday Party? I have four young children and am at the point of just doing family parties and that is it.

    God Bless all of you and thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us.


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