Thursday, February 25, 2010

Highlights from "Q" Week

~ Letter Formation ~

In addition to making Q's out of Modelling Wax, the girls also worked on making the letter Q using Handwriting Without Tears Hands-On Materials.

~  Queen of the Meadow Fairy Coloring Pages ~

From this Coloring Book
(While looking at the Flower Fairies Alphabet book and listening to the CD!)

~ Picture Book Science :: Q is for Quarks   ~

We didn't do that much with Science this week other than learn about Quarks!  I didn't have any picture books to read on the topic, but the girls really enjoyed this coloring book.   It is also available to "color" online if you'd rather not print it out.

We also talked about Quarters!

~ Picture Study :: Q is for Queen   ~

"Q is for Queen, whose right is divine.
A heaven-sent ruler, and one for all time."

While on the topic of Queens, we also read The Queen's ProgressQueen of Hearts, and the Queen of Hearts Nursery Rhyme,  then made Queen of Heart Tarts!

The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a summer's day;
The Knave of Hearts he stole the tarts and took them clean away.
The King of Hearts called for the tarts and beat the Knave full sore
The Knave of Hearts brought back the tarts and vowed he'd steal no more.

I found the recipe for the Queen of Hearts Tarts from Comstock, however we used one package of ready-made refrigerator sugar cookie dough.  Using these cookie cutters, this resulted in 12 tarts.

~ Q is for Queen of All Saints ~

Our Painted Queen of All Saints
  (aka Our Lady of Altagracia, since I didn't have a chance to paint another...)
for with An Alphabet of Catholic Saints

The girls colored the Mary Queen of All Saints pictures from Our Saints Alphabet on CD and did some copywork from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints.
(You can print the one I made here.)

Take It to the Queen: A Tale of Hope

We also read the beautiful book Take it to the Queen, colored a Queenship of Mary coloring page, and did a bit more copy work from God's Alphabet:

"Q is for Queen
of both angel and saint
Mary Immaculate
pure without

~ Q is for Quiz ~

Catholic Quiz 1, 2, 3, and 4

~ Q is for Quilts ~

The Quiltmaker's GiftThe Quiltmaker's JourneyThe Promise QuiltThe Quilt StoryThe Log Cabin QuiltThe Patchwork QuiltEight Hands Round: A Patchwork AlphabetThe Keeping QuiltSelina and the Bear Paw QuiltThe QuiltQuilt of States: Piecing Together AmericaOma's QuiltSam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon QuiltThe Josefina Story Quilt (I Can Read Book 3)Quilting Now & Then

I went a bit overboard checking out books about quilts from the library (in addition to the ones already on our shelves!) and we are still enjoying them!  Our favorites (so far) have been The Quiltmaker's GiftThe Quiltmaker's Journey, and The Promise Quilt.  In fact, they proved to be very inspiring towards filling those 40 bags of stuff for the poor!! 

Quilt of Saints

I considered purchasing this kit or this kit, but since we already made blankets during B week, we just made Paper Quilts of favorite saints.

 by Captain, Rascal, Twinkle Toes and Chiquita

Queen of All Saints by Chiquita

Petit Four Quilt
(Recipe from Heart to Hand: Quilt talk with Wendy)

~ Other Crafts ~

Q-Tip Painting

Q-Tip Dandelions

(This picture was taken before the girls added a cotton ball to the center... Looks like I forgot to take a final picture.  You can see one at No Time for Flashcards.) 

~ Serendipi-Tea time ~

We also enjoyed Quaker Oat Meal, Quesadillas, and Crustless Spinach and Mushroom Quiche!

After nearly quitting "Q" week, we ended finding lots to do and enjoyed every minute!  Nevertheless, I was Ready to move on to "R", and Roses, Rainbows and Red Raspberry Tea Sandwiches!  

P.S. I'm not sure why when I publish this post, it is the only one that appears on my homepage? I had this same problem after my last Alphabet Path post...


  1. Fantastic ideas as usual. I was wondering what you would come up with...Q is *hard*! :)

  2. I love the Q-tip crafts, very clever for Q week, hehe...the desserts look so yummy!

  3. Thanks!

    Now that it is Lent, and since we are eliminating candy and cutting back on desserts, it is a little more challenging! We made the Petit Four Quilt before Lent (though the kids only ate one square each and the rest are in the freezer!) and the Queen of Heart Tarts on Sunday (Modifying the recipe and only making 12 made sure that we wouldn't have left overs!). :o)

  4. Wow - who knew there was soooo much for 'Q'!!

    i have those cookie cutters too, Jessica. I got them in Dec. in preparation for all our Christmas cookies. Aren't they fun? We did our Valentine cookies too, but i never got around to posting them, due to Blogger problems :) we are really looking forward to St. Patrick and Easter cookies !!

  5. Love all those quilt books! :) The girls always do such a great job with the baking and crafts. (The boys' Maryland lapbooks turned out fantastic, too!) Do you like the Catholic Quiz books? Those look like a good idea for Easter baskets.

  6. Shelly ~ My mother-in-law gave the girls the cookie cutters a couple years ago for Christmas, and just this past year we've finally been getting lots of use out of them. They are great!

    Kristyn ~ I really do like the Catholic Quiz books. You can read a review at Love2Learn. I wonder if they are still in print though, since I wasn't able to find them anywhere other than the few copies at Amazon. They are a great idea for Easter Baskets!


  8. Thanks for the link to Love 2 Learn, Jessica!

  9. We had an hour and a half of Q-tip painting fun, thanks to this post. Thank you, Jessica!


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