Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Still Here...

picture taken at 37 weeks and 5 days

... and thought I would hop online and give you all a quick update since I haven't had much time for blogging this week.    Thank you all for your prayers and emails!!

Yesterday, after Mass, I had my weekly check-up with my midwife.  The baby is measuring right on schedule, the contractions I had this past week have made a bit of progress (I am at 3cm), and her heart sounded wonderful once we were able to locate it due to her position.

Speaking of her position, the baby is currently posterior, or as my midwife said, "sunny-side up."  I've never had a baby in this position before, and it explains the extra awful back pain and sciatica/trouble walking I've been having.  It is also probably contributing to why my contractions are making such slow progress over such long periods of time.

My midwife and a couple friends have given me suggestions for encouraging the baby to rotate, so that is what I'll be working on this week...   Starting now!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week (I can't believe it is already WEDNESDAY!)  and I'll try and post again soon.


  1. Back labor definitely generates its own sort of pain. Two of my babies who were posterior all through labor, then turned as they moved down the birth canal. My youngest never turned and so was born fully face-up, but interestingly, that labor was not as painful as my others were.

    Keeping you in my prayers for a healthy and holy birth!

  2. Oh Jessica, you look beautiful! My first was face up.. I will pray your little Rose turns for you. The back Labor was unbelievable.. all I could think of was. ( being my first pregnancy) was.. "and women shave in labor.. are you kidding>??" My labor went immediately to 2 minutes apart for showering was out for me... Praying for you and waiting to see your little Christmas joy.

  3. Hi Jessica!

    Thanks for posting an update . . . I have been thinking about you a lot the past few days and wondering if maybe your silence meant that "Little Rose" was perhaps on the way!

    You have until Saturday (hee hee!):)

    God Bless,

    P.S. You look great!

  4. I am praying for you. My fourth was sunny side up, but worse off since he was hyper extended and coming out mouth first. He never would turn and was born c-section. But he is here and a blessing to our family. Turn, baby, turn!

  5. You look so beautiful Jessica! Our last baby girl was posterior and I had some of the same problems. Little Madeyln did flip during labor. So glad to hear you are doing well. Praying for you and just talk to Little Rose and let her know mommy needs her to flip:)

  6. I was thinking about you all day today. I was wondering if there would be a little surprise soon :) I pray she turns around soon!

  7. Okay Jessica,

    We are praying for baby Rose to turn and for a safe delivery for both baby and momma.

    God bless!


  8. What a beautiful belly! So glad to hear that her little heart beat sounded normal. Peace and prayers from NC!

  9. Yeah!! Come sweet baby! I can't wait to meet you!

  10. Aww, my money was on December 8th! I'll keep praying everything goes well.God bless!~Mimi

  11. Thanks for the update!! That looks like a really comfy maternity shirt and so pretty, too! Thanks for all the inspiration and resources you provide! Keeping you in my prayers for a safe and healthy delivery.


  12. I'm so glad that you posted, I've been praying for you all day because it had been a few days since you posted. My first was "sunny side up" too. I 'll be praying for you and offering my days for you and the baby and a very quick labor:)

  13. Oh, I am so glad you posted because I was getting worried...I've been praying that little Rose and you are doing well. It won't be long now!

  14. I am continuing to pray for you and baby.

  15. Praying for you, sweetie! You look WONDERFUL! I love your cute belly shot!

    Praying for a wonderful healthy birth and recovery!!
    Keeping you in our prayers, dear lady!

  16. What a beautiful photo! You are in our prayers.

  17. Oh, I am praying, praying, praying for a safe delivery. God be with you and your beautiful family, Jessica.

  18. Good to hear from you and God bless! What an exciting be Mary.

    Excited and prayerful for you. :)

    (I think the shirt is super pretty too!)

  19. You have the best pregnancy clothes! I love that top!! My fifth was posterior and he never turned. I had my husband push (hard) on my back during contractions and it REALLY helped...just in case Rose doesn't want to flip!
    God bless- prayers for a beautiful delivery!

  20. Jessica, My husband says, "There's nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman." I agree with him - You are BEAUTIFUL! May God Bless you and Mama Mary wrap her mantle around you and your little Rose. Love from way down south, Lori

  21. My son was sunny side up as well - he never turned during labor or while in the birth canal and I wound up need a bit of assistance at the end, but otherwise, he was born happy, healthy and hungry :). I'll be thinking of you, Rose and your family in the coming days.

  22. Beautiful belly!

    Last time mine was posterior I went swimming and turned somersaults in the water. It worked!

    Has anyone mentioned the Spinning Babies website?

  23. Do what you can to get that baby to turn over but don't get stressed about it. Three of mine turned during labor, just before being born. Just hang in there... you get to await the advent of your little one just as Our Lady awaited the birth of Jesus. So beautiful!

  24. Thank goodness for your update and post. I have been checking two times a day and evidently I am not the only one :) You had us concerned.....I sure hope the next one -if God sends anymore - is not at Christmas time. This is exhausting :) however, praying for a safe and healthy wonderful delivery of Rose, your Christmas Rose! Blessings & Prayers!

  25. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for posting, what a treat. I'm so happy for you. Hope that she's a good girl and turns around for you. With the exercises, I'm sure she'll realize what's best for both of you and turn her little body around. ;)

    Can't wait to hear more! :)

  26. I too can't wait to hear when she comes!!
    Blessings to you Jessica - you're in my prayers!!

  27. Still praying for you and little Rose everyday. I'll now add to my prayers that she rolls over for you. My last was "sunny side up". All I'll say is that she is very healthy and it all worked out in the end. ;) Has anyone mentioned laboring while in a crawl position on hands and knees. It sounds strange, but that's what I've been told I should have done by several midwives and OB nurses. Anyway, it's something to look into.

    May God bless you!

  28. I'm glad things are alright with you...I was beginning to wonder... YOur picture is beautiful. The end of pregnancy is exhausting but so full of excitement and anticipation. I'm excited for brings back all my excitement when I had our first baby boy August. 30th...not too long ago. You are so blessed!

  29. Thank you all for your concern, suggestions, prayers and kindness!!! I've enjoyed reading all of your comments and am so thankful for all of the prayers!

    Tracy ~ Yes, I spoke with Elizabeth yesterday and she suggested Spinning Babies so I've been checking out their site and trying some of their suggestions.

    Kelly ~ Yes, my midwife did mention being on my hands and knees... Ugh! Not looking forward to labor and delivery! lol!!

    Missy ~ Congratulations on your little one! August 30th is one of my children's birthdays!

  30. Yikes! My first two were posterior. The epidural was my friend on #2, the 10+ pounder!

    Praying and praying that today is the day!

  31. I am SOOOO behind in catching up with everyone...between a delightful fostered quiet this Advent...and an icky virus. So, it's been just lovely catching up with you this afternoon...and I simply had to comment on this post and that gorgeous baby-belly! You look fabulous!

    Many, many prayers as you're in the home stretch now!

  32. I've never posted to you before, but I've been reading your blog for a long time. I've birthed several of my 8 children in a posterior position, before I trained as a doula. If you look up the "doula houla" you'll find a birthing technique that may help you rotate your baby around.

    You will also find laboring while sitting backwards on a kitchen style chair will be much more comfortable for you. You're going to lean head forward, onto the chair back while you sit on it. Arching your back and relaxing your pelvis to open up and allow the baby to turn. (Picture it like a man did in the movies when he turned the chair backwards before he sat down back when we were a bit younger. Ladies don't sit this way on chairs!)

    Anyway, to be honest and I admit to blushing, I find laboring while sitting backwards on the toilet with the coolness of the tank resting against my forehead and my belly to be so comfortable that I could just have a baby right there if someone would catch him. (I'm thinking a birthing apparatus could be invented here for all laboring moms. Make it pretty and so not toilet looking and you'll be a wealthy woman!) Anyway, I can curve my spine around the child and relax my hips in just the right position with our toilets of all things! I should also note I'm a meticulous bathroom cleaner for this very reason and my bathrooms are often cleaner than my kitchen.

    You may find squatting during birth to be uncomfortable this time, if you have used that position in the past. I found the sciatic nerve was compressed more by the child in the posterior position than in the anterior position and my traditional birthing positions were more limiting and uncomfortable. The more I could get gravity to pull the baby forward off of my back, open up my pelvis and try to lift baby forward to rotate as he descended, the more comfortable I was during labor. (I also have large babies for my body size.)

    Lean forward, with pelvis opened, and lean your head slightly down and forward taking gentle deep breaths, keeping the room quiet and the lights arrives peacefully with prayers offered throughout the labor ...

    I'll pray for you! ~ Kat


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