Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Highlights from "B" Week

~ Letter Formation ~

Letter B out of Modeling Wax

They also made a darling Basket of Blueberries!

Decorated a Letter B with Things that start with "B"

(The boys didn't want to miss out on the fun!)

~ Bugle Flower Coloring Pages ~

From this Coloring Book (while listening to this CD!)

~ Picture Study :: Thomas Eakins' The Champion Single Sculls ~

From Museum ABC
I also was excited to find/order these Museum ABC Nesting Blocks 
to add to the ABC picture study!

~ B is for St. Bernadette ~

(I decided to paint an Alphabet of Saints, instead of making them out of felt, last year.  I posted about them here.  My children have really enjoyed playing with all of our little wooden saints, even though I ended up having to postpone the Alphabet Path till this year!)

St. Bernadette Coloring Page

We took a little virtual pilgrimage to the grotto and walked in the footsteps of St. Bernadetteand then watched a couple of our favorite movies about St. Bernadette: Bernadette: The Princess of Lourdes and The Song of Bernadette.

~ B is also for Bible and St. Brendan ~

~ B is for Blankets ~
(They even have Bumblebees and Birds on them!)

We weren't able to make Chiquita's blanket until Saturday morning:

The girls LOVE their new blankets!

~ B is for Blueberries ~

Blueberries for Sal
Peter in Blueberry Land
Blueberry Pie Elf

(I have to add that I was so, SO, SOOOO very excited to see that they printed a "facsimile edition" of the old version of the Blueberry Pie Elf and I immediately ordered a copy!  I already owned a copy of this version, which I purchased at a used book sale, but the illustrations just didn't compare...  I have such wonderful memories of my dad reading this story to me as a child and the illustrations in this book bring back those memories so clearly!)

Blueberry Matching Cards

BlueBerry Faces for Breakfast

Blue Banana Boats
(here's the recipe )

And "B" Week just wouldn't be complete without a Birthday Celebration, or TWO !!


  1. Love the girls blankets....can u tell me where you found the material....so cute.

  2. Debbie ~ I happened to be at Joann's Fabrics a couple weekends ago and they were having a sale on all of the Fleece Blanket Kits (Buy one get one free), so when I saw those I couldn't pass them up! They are cute, aren't they!! =)

  3. A great song to play this week, since it's B week, would be Boogie-woogie Bugle Boy of Company B by the Andrew Sisters. Just a thought.

  4. Hello Jessica, you are amazing!!!
    How make you to be so busy!
    You are a great mumm.

  5. Wow! Fantastic as always Jessica! Thank you for sharing your learning adventure with us.

    God bless!

  6. This is awe-summm! (Check out my latest post for proof).

  7. You're an inspiration! I hope to be half as good as you when I homeschool!

  8. I love seeing these posts!

    Is there a list somewhere of the supplies needed for Along the Alphabet Path? I can see that many items could be optional, but it seems like there are some must-haves, like the flower fairy book, the saints ABC book, the modeling beeswax...

    And does it include reading/writing instruction as well? Just curious...

  9. Thanks everyone!

    Jana Jae ~ I found the song you mentioned on You Tube and it was GREAT!!! THANKS!!

    Erin ~ I know Elizabeth does have a booklist and tutorial on her site. If you click on the link at the top of this post it will take you to the page that has them. I am pretty sure it just lists the books. The possibilities with this program truly are endless, and you can easily modify it however you like. The modeling beeswax is great to have though, my girls are sure loving it! In addition to the Alphabet Path I am using Handwriting, Phonics/Reading and Math programs with my girls each week.

  10. Yeah! I am so excited to have started the Alphabet path 2 weeks behind you because now I steal all your wonderful ideas!!! It's so great! We are finishing A week right now and loving it! Thanks for all the great idea additions!
    How is your husband doing? Have you been able to get in touch again? We had all the smoke from the fires here in Denver on Tuesday, it was incredible! you are all in my prayers.

  11. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement! I started the Alphabet Path on my boys (5 and 3.5 years) and its working wonderfully!

    Prior to seeing your posts, I thought my 3.5 y.o was just not ready since he was so disinterested. Your blogs moved me to try harder and now he is able to recognize letters randomly in our environment! Plus they're both having soooo much fun!

    God bless you!


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