Thursday, May 28, 2009

Small Successes: May 28, 2009

  1. I cleaned my girls bedroom and packed up all the remaining size 3 clothing and shoes that Chiquita has recently outgrown. It is hard to believe that she is already four, and will be nearly FIVE when this little one arrives! I wonder if our new one is a girl? It would sure be fun to pull out all our little girl stuff once again... Either way I will be thrilled with a healthy baby.

  2. I finally ordered a tuxedo for Rascal. Sheesh!! What an ORDEAL!! The bridal store that had been chosen, was as far from helpful as they could possibly be, so in the end, I actually just ordered a new tux on eBay. I've had good experiences with eBay in the past, and the seller reviews were great, not to mention it was less than half of the bridal store's price for a tux (which would need to be altered since it was too big and they refused to order me the right size!). I am so glad it is on the way, but I will feel a bit better when it arrives and FITS! =)

  3. I french braided Chiquita's hair for the first time this morning. She has been asking me to for awhile, but I thought her hair was too fine... Apparently it is not! Chiquita was very excited to finally have braids like her big sister!

What are your Small Successes this week?

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  1. Many Kudos to you!!!! Awesome, and God Bless!!! What a great list, and LOVE the hair!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful braids! I'm not too good at it myself. I try to do my girls hair wet so it will stay better, but it still comes out too loose.

    Congrats on going through your girls clothes! That has been on my to-do list for some time now and I think you've given me the inspiration I needed to get the job done!

    Thanks for sharing and God bless!

  3. Those beautiful braids would be a BIG success in this household! :)

  4. Great successes! I ought to learn to French braid so I can do my daughter's hair (& maybe mine too, now that it's long enough!) You have a beautiful family! Congrats on your pregnancy. You're in my prayers!

  5. I love braids, especially those french braids!!! My littles won't let me anymore, especially since they've gotten it cut! Maybe my sweet little Angela will. When they are that little though, it gets messed up so quickly and hardly is worth it!

    They look beautiful, have fun braiding!

  6. awww, their hair looks so pretty!! I went to Gymboree today in Boise and thought about you!! :)


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