Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Setting the Table for Tea

In between each course of our tea, while the servers refilled the trays, we had a game (or two) for the girls. The first game we played was loaned to us by the older Little Flowers' group, and was very fun!

The object of the game was to see, while blindfolded, who could set the table for tea correctly. To make it a bit more challenging, many of the card stock images were the same size and shape -- either circle or rectangles. (I had to print out a couple missing pieces, so here are the links to a few of the images we used: Sugar Bowl, Creamer, Plate/Bowl, Tea Cup -- there was also a fork, spoon, and floral centerpiece. )

I love how Chiquita stacked them all on top of each other... Too cute!

It was so cute to watch all the girls try and figure out WHAT went WHERE! After they finished, each girl got to choose a prize from the prize basket.

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  1. Your wonderful coverage, photos and presentation of the Little Flowers Tea has been such a joy! I have told everyone I know about this wonderful opportunity to begin some clubs locally here in our area! You are spreading the JOY and the blessings! Thank you so much!


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