Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Game Ball

Rascal has been making such great improvements in Baseball this year.

At the beginning of the season, he was easily frustrated since he had a tendency to hit the ball directly to first base and then get tagged out...  (Not to mention he is the smallest and one of the youngest boys on the team.) Well, he started hitting the ball just a little bit sooner and hasn't been getting tagged out anymore.  The other night he was awarded the game ball for, not only not being tagged out, but scoring the most runs for the team!!

Good job Rascal!!


  1. Great job Rascal!!

    My boy just doesn't really like playing sports....he'd rather read or search for birds!

  2. Way to go Rascal!

    My son is the same way but he has really taken to fencing over the past couple of years. I think some kids enjoy team sports and others enjoy individual sports. I could also see him enjoying golf it's just too darned expensive! He still has no desire to compete in a tournament but enjoys his fencing lessons and always comes home telling me how many matches he won or lost.

  3. You are an awesome photographer!!!!

  4. what a cutie!! great job rascally rabbit!

  5. I love your blog! Its beautiful, your family is beautiful and your title is beautiful! Great Job! You are an inspiration! Although my own children are a bit older than yours, I remember all of those Family Fun projects, but am blown away by all that you seem to do. People always tell me that I have a lot of energy, but I've obviously got nothing on you! I look forward to following you and finding more inspiration at your site. Feel free to visit my blog as well...


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