Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Daybook ~ Holy Week Edition

FOR TODAY: April 7, 2009

Outside my Window... yesterday it was sunny, warm, and absolutely beautiful, but today it is overcast and rainy. I am actually a little thankful for the change in weather since I won't be quite so tempted to spend the day outside, and just might find the motivation to finish my Lenten Cleaning.

I am thinking... about the extra crosses that God asked me to carry this year, and I trying my best to embrace them.

I am thankful... that I finally had a chance to file our tax return. January and February I focused on catching up my Aunt's Bookkeeping, then in March I filed returns for two of my brothers and a friend. It's about time I did our own!!

From the kitchen... another cup of Matcha. It is what has been getting me through the mornings this past week.

From the school room... we will be focusing on finishing up all our Lenten projects and Lap books. I am also determined to make sure we get to our Math lessons each day this week!

Living the Liturgical year at Home... I have lots of plans for this week, though I haven't had much time to write them all down, or post them like I did last year. I kept wondering where all the time went that I had last year, but then I remembered the boys weren't in Little League last year either!

I am creating... a clean home for Easter and a shopping list.

I am going... to try and find Easter Baskets tonight or tomorrow night. Does anyone have some nice, yet practical suggestions? Our baskets from last year (what is left of them) are in awful shape, and I would love to find something beautiful to replace them with, which will LAST.

I am wearing... a long sleeve green and grey stripped old navy tee and black gauchos. I am hoping to exercise as soon as Snuggles takes a nap.

I am reading...Olivia and the Little Way to review. It is such a sweet book, and I will share more about it soon.

I am hoping... to be able to fill seven more bags to complete the 40 Bag Challenge.

I am listening... to Way of the Cross for Children DVD playing in the living room and the boys talking about their Grammar lessons.

Around the house... still lots to do, but I am so happy to see the progress that we have been able to make despite all the delays.

One of my favorite things... is Paperback Swap!! Every book I have requested has been in such amazing shape! It has saved us so much money on books!

A Few Plans For This Week...

I am going to try and keep our focus on Holy Week. We will also have the boys first Baseball game of the season Friday night. (I wish they wouldn't schedule games during the Triduum!) Then Sunday we will be celebrating Easter!!!

A picture thought I am sharing:

This picture was taken the day after my Grandfather's funeral, just before we started driving home. It is a picture of my Grandma, my mom, my girls and I. Somewhere around here I have a picture of my great-grandma, grandma, mom and I.... I'll have to see if I can find it!

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  1. I always enjoy your blog. I am praying for you this Holy Week.

  2. I used to use Paperback Swap but have been using BookMooch lately. I think more people use PBS though, lol.

  3. Nice Daybook! Your mom doesn't look old enough to be your mom! I know you're the oldest, but gee whiz, she looks great! You guys always look so nice in your pictures!

    Hope you have a great week, Jessica! :)

  4. Have you considered using decorative flower pots for the baskets? It's a nice twist to the "usual" and makes for a lasting and special way to hold all those Easter goodies!

    Miss M

  5. erica told me about some baskets that fold down into themselves (made of fabric) -- easy to store. you should ask her about them.


  6. I purchased 6 really nice easter baskets about 10 years ago that I still use today. When lent starts, I pull them down, fill them with new Easter grass, and put them out, filling them with all our Lenten books. This has really attracted the kids to read. On Holy Saturday night, the books are retrieved, and "the bunny" comes....and he always leaves new books for Easter and Lent!!

  7. My husband says having lots of kids is good for your skin... it worked great for your mom. She's beautiful!

  8. A blessed Holy Week to you and yours.
    I also use Paperback Swap (and swap my un-postables on BookMooch)

  9. Celeste ~ Thank you for the prayers!

    Aubrey & Kristyn ~ Thank you! I hear that all the time about my mom. lol! She is only 51, so she really isn't *that* old. =) One time, not that long ago, she was carded when buying a bottle of wine. She didn't have her ID on her, but showed the guy a picture of her 12 children!!

    Thank you for all the Basket suggestions! I found some at Target last night, and although I am not exactly thrilled with them, they will work nicely for this year anyways...


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