Friday, April 3, 2009

Healthy Families: Safe Children - The Power of Relationships

I wanted to take a second to tell you all about a wonderful new video series that is now available: Healthy Families: Safe Children - The Power of Relationships.

I was so pleased when I heard that Bishop Vasa was developing this series to be used as an alternative to the "Safe Touch Education" program, which is required by many dioceses, including our own (although we did "opt out"), and which he did not implement in his own diocese.
“The purpose of this program is to offer assistance to parents based on the science of child development to form healthy and secure relationships with their children. The secure attachment relationship assures that children will develop with empathy, self-control, and harmonious personalities. The most important protection children have against developing aggressive and violent behaviors, including sexual abuse, is the empathic and nurturing secure attachment to their parents beginning in the first year of life. In turn, this same relationship protects children from becoming victims of abuse.”
- The Most Reverend Robert F. Vasa
In the following clip, Bishop Vasa explains the purpose of the Healthy Families: Safe Children video series:

Fr. John Cihak (do you remember this letter?) and Bishop Robert Vasa talk about the sexualization of our culture and the damage it does to the family and the young:

In this clip, Anticipatory Prevention Tactics, Bishop Vasa talks about the problem of exposing children to explicit sexual information before they are mature enough to handle it:

These are just a few clips of the 18-part video series which is available in an DVD Education set of 6 one-hour programs, on separate DVDs. This video series is extremely well done, educational and inspiring... (And I am not just saying that since hubby and I had the honor of doing a voice over, in one small part--which was SO much fun!--or because you may notice a few familiar faces throughout! ;) ) It really is wonderful!

For more information visit SecureChild.Org.


  1. This is an awesome program! It was fun to see your families' sweet faces in it too!

  2. Thank you for sharing Jessica. My husband and I really like Bishop Vasa. Our Archdiocese has unfortunately decided to use the awful Talking about Touching program. May God bless Bishop Vasa for developing an alternative to the misguided programs.

  3. I wish I could see the whole thing! It looks amazing. I pray the Holy Spirit will intervene on behalf of all children so that more parishes will use this program!

  4. This was interesting. I thought his name sounded familiar so I googled him. Turns out that this wise man came from our diocese! :)


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