Thursday, December 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

*I've been informed that the green, orange and red thing in the bottom left corner is our burning bush! :)


  1. Yours turned out great! We did ours last night, too. It was fun, but a huge mess.

    Did you do the windows before you put it together? Ours sort of melted. Maybe I should post a picture.

  2. I've always wanted to do that!

    It's kinda been my brother's tradition. He (and his family) would make one a year and it was a big deal because he's just not the type! :)

    However, I don't think it's my imagination, I do seem to remember speculation that it was inedible...glue was used!

    Do people really eat gingerbread houses?

  3. Cute!

    Not everyone has their very own burning bush.

  4. Wow! A gingerbread house with a nativity scene on the front lawn AND a burning bush (that miraculously does not melt the snow!) That's fantastic!

    Looks like a lot of fun!


  5. Love the addition of the burning bush! - Sarah

  6. That is so cute! I must say, too, that Twinkle Toes is starting to look like a big girl, not so wee anymore. Anyway, you guys did a great job. I just love how your kids know their faith so well that they would think of putting a burning bush. They are precious little saints in the making!

  7. Your children are so talented! It's beautiful. Wish I could do that. harumph.


  8. Sara ~ You know, I cheat with our gingerbread house each year... The "putting it together part" is my least favorite, and it is too hard for the kids, so I always just buy a pre-assembled one and all we have to do is decorate it!! ;)

    +JMJ+ ~ Ours usually gets picked at, but never really completely eaten. Personally I never have any.. Ick!

    Sarah ~ I found that little miniture nativity set, and have been waiting to find a use for it! It was Rascal's idea to pull it out for the front yard :)

  9. We used the same kit this year instead of doing the graham crackers. I bought it after Christmas for about $1.50 and saved it with the Christmas stuff! Best move I ever made.

    It was a lot easier, but I think KT made the icing a little too thin.

    And yes, my kids eat them every year. After weeeeeks of sitting out. Grosses me out.

  10. I love the burning bush. That's too cute!

  11. burning bush? i dont know, i think you need to teach your kids more about their faith. ;)

  12. OH! I miss understood, Sara!

    No, we did the windows with the house in place. I think my frosting was extra thick. (Too think, in fact!)

    I never thought to buy the Gingerbread House for next year right after Christmas! What a great idea!!


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