Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Plans for the Feast of St. Therese

The Feast of St. Therese is coming up!!! It is celebrated on October 1st on the New Calendar, and on October 3rd on the Traditional Calendar. I am still trying to finalize our own plans, but I thought I would take a minute to share a few ideas with you all...


We will finish up our novena, and then Pray the Rosary with St. Therese.


O my God! I offer Thee all my actions of this day for the intentions and for the glory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I desire to sanctify every beat of my heart, my every thought, my simplest works, by uniting them to Its infinite merits; and I wish to make reparation for my sins by casting them into the furnace of Its Merciful Love.

O my God! I ask of Thee for myself and for those whom I hold dear, the grace to fulfill perfectly Thy Holy Will, to accept for love of Thee the joys and sorrows of this passing life, so that we may one day be united together in heaven for all Eternity. Amen.


Last year we made little éclairs, since they were St. Therese's favorite treat. I think we will make these again for an afternoon snack.

I am also planning on making the Rose Petal Coconut Cake suggested in My Nameday, Come for Dessert for dessert, and serving it with a Rosy Punch, suggested in The Cook's Blessings, for my hubby and I, and a non-alcoholic version for my children.

Another fun idea, if you happen to have a rose shaped pan, would be to use a Strawberry Cake Mix to make mini rose shaped cupcakes. Marci made these this past summer, and they were a hit! I should really try it out sometime since I have this awesome pan, and have yet to use it!

I have heard it suggested to serve French Food today in her honor. We will probably have French Toast for breakfast if I have a chance to pick up French bread, but if not, we will be making crepes.

If you are looking for more inspiration, Barbara also has a yummy looking recipe for St. Therese Cupcakes and these Rose Basket Cupcakes are super cute as well. Also, here is an instructional video on how to make marzipan roses. Catholic Culture also suggests a Rose Leaf Jam.

Reading, Audio and Video:

You can check out a whole bunch of great books about St. Therese here.

We will be reading:
During our craft time, the children will listen to "God's Little Flower: The True Story of St. Therese of Lisieux."

Hubby and I may watch the movie Therese, but we will definitely all be watching Miracle of St. Therese. It is excellent and I highly recommend it!!!


We will probably use one of her quotes found here.

*We will not be doing all of these, it is just a list of ideas!

"You know well enough that Our Lord does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, nor even at their difficulty, but at the love with which we do them."

St. Therese ~ Pray for Us!


  1. That holy card at the top is so pretty, never seen one like it before.

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I will certainly try to do something "french."

    The pictures of the St. Michael dinner are so lovely too. The table is so beautifully adorned.

  2. Your site is so beautiful and a wonderful tribute to a lovely and favorite Saint!

  3. Oh yeah! I think I might actually be able to celebrate this feast day!! We are having a belated birthday party for MIL too, so this should be a big hit!
    Thank you for all the great ideas, Jess!

  4. Thank you!! I was just a little bit excited about celebrating the feast of St. Therese ;)

    +JMJ+ ~ I too had never seen this holy card either, until I was searching for one to use the other day. It caught my eye, and I LOVED it!

  5. Most certainly a very rosy feast - it all sounds wonderful.

    Did you end up making the rose shaped cupcakes? - that pan is really cool.

  6. You always have such amazing craft ideas...teaching the faith seems sweeter that way!!!

  7. Dessi, it sure does, doesn't it!

    MaryM, no... We made the cake, punch, and eclairs, so I think the mini flower cupcakes will have to wait! We are eating way too many sweets!!! :)


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