Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My little Artists

Captain: "Mom, now that we know how to paint frescoes, can we please paint the ceiling in our bedroom?"

Rascal: "Yeah, like Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel! We could do it, really!"


  1. That's funny. So, are you going to let them give it a try, huh, are you?

  2. Would that be a paint by number craft? I actually think that would be a neat idea if you had a flat ceiling or wall to work with. It can always be painted over.

    Now would I let my kids do it? Um, not till they're at least teens. I painted my BDRM wall when I was 18.

    I am sure you'll let us see it if they do...

  3. Actually, when we added on their bedroom a few years back, they *DID* (help) paint the walls, and they *LOVED* it!

    But painting the ceiling at ages 6 and 8... It's not going to happen.

    I am such a mean mom! :o)

    We did have fun talking about what they would paint, if they could. And Captain also pointed out that it would probably be hard to keep the paint from dripping into your eyes since you would have to look up at the ceiling.

    It did make for a great conversation!

  4. Oh please let them do it, Mom!

    They can wear goggles.

    Looking forward to the pics!

  5. I wouldn't either, lol. But very sweet!

  6. Sue, if you'd like, I am can send them down your way, and let them paint your ceiling? ;)

  7. Many moons ago when I did a study of Michelangelo with my children. I taped butcher paper to the underside of my kitchen table so they could "paint their own ceiling".Of course they wore goggles and paint shirts! They had a lot of fun, and I have that paper rolled up and stored away!

  8. Jackie ~ I *LOVE* that idea!!!! We might just have to do that!!! My boys would love it. Thank you! :)


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