Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WoW ~ Week 5

This has really been hard lately... I guess I have just been doing too much baking! :)

Nevertheless, I am down this week, if only by half a pound. I really am making slow progress. But it is indeed progress, so that is encouraging.

My goals for this week:
  • Walk at least 3 days. (I just checked out a dvd from the library to use.)
  • Get RID of the rest of the Easter Candy.
  • Head out to my parents to use their sauna at least once. (Suppose to be really good for detoxing.)
  • Look into being tested for Food Allergies.
  • Week five progrss: -.5
  • Summary: -3 pounds
Alrighty then, time to go. Captains first lesson was rescheduled to today and it's almost time to head into town. I hope you have a wonderful day.

How did you do this week? If you'd like to see others results, click here.


  1. Good job being so dedicated! I'm impressed. It's great that you make goals. I really should follow suit.

  2. Thanks!

    Goals do help, a little. I'm just trying to decided what I meant by "Get rid of the Easter Candy" Does that mean we can eat the rest THIS WEEK, make more cookies, or do I need to send it to work with hubby??? ;)

  3. Not to encourage you to keep it around or anything, but most Easter candy freezes pretty well...good for more cookies on a rainy day in a few weeks! :)

    You've encouraged me to join you in your WoW thing--good thing I don't have to report my starting weight!! (I gave up eating between meals for Lent...and put on a ton making up for lost time at meals. I'm a rotten sacrificer, where food is concerned...) :)

    Looking forward to being a loser next week!!!


  4. Thanks so much for the tip Eileen! I think that is what I will do! I just hate to see all this chocolate go to waste ;)

    It would be so hard for me to give up snacking! I actually am a much better mom if I have small meals and little snacks in between... If I miss eating, I tend to get very emotional.

    So glad you decided to join me in WOW! I have found it helpful to be somewhat accountable each week! :)

  5. I am exactly the same...I'm making excuses, but I did not exercise at all this past week. I had goals of
    walking then we got all this snow...I am not a winter walker. I love WAP (Walk Away the Pounds)! But I did not even do that this week...too much blog reading!!

    Great job Jessica, down is down!

  6. Jamie is right - now that I am a blogger - I can easily spend 1hr typing and reading!!

    I heard that people who fidget burn more cal. so when you are at the computer shake those legs - or stretch when reading or have little weights and pump iron "Arnold" wish you could hear my accent. Good job gals!!

  7. Yes...If only I could lose weight by reading blogs!!! Wouldn't that be perfect!

    Thanks for the tip Christine, as I sit here fidgeting! :)

  8. I am terrible at wasting or throwing out stuff too. I try to reason with myself and say, ok....I will not deprive myself and eat it until it's's a sin to waste
    So the freeze thing just spoiled it for me....hehehe But, at least I have been educated now and I have no excuse!

    Good job Jessica!

  9. I always send extra candy & stuff to work with my hubby - he's a high school coach so there are plenty of grubbly little hands to take it :)

    Good Job!


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