Thursday, April 3, 2008

So worth the time!

If you can only read one long post today, this is the one!!! Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your wisdom with all of us once again! I needed to read this. So, I am shutting the computer off this morning and attending to the things I need to get done for my family!

Hopefully, I will get everything done, and be back to visit with you all later!!

Have a great day!!!


  1. Wow! A very wise and blessed lady! As are you Jess! :} Auntie B

  2. It was indeed worth the time to read. Thank you so much for posting it. It has pricked my conscience and now I'm off to do my "duties"

  3. Yes, exactly what I've been feeling! My laundry had piled up so much that Ballerina Rosie had no underwear left. All caught up now though! (well, as caught up as a mother can be with laundry...) Thank you for linking her wonderful post. See what we see in our souls after Divine Mercy? AND see how hard it is to work on those things? God Bless you Jessica!

  4. Good stuff! It's all about balance and moderation and making sure the urgent/non-important things don't take over our lives! :-)

  5. I did the same as you... and all the beds in my house are made today... the laundry? Well, that is another story!


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