Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting Ready...

My boys were very excited to be able to vest in red today, since it is the feast of St. Stanislaus, bishop & martyr. Among other reasons, the color red is used by the Church as a symbol of the blood shed by martyrs who died for the faith.

St. Stanislaus ~ Pray for us!

St. John Berchman, Patron of Altar Boys
Pray for us!


  1. My boys are loving wearing the red vestments for the Easter season. This is the first year we've had them. They always wear the black under white. We are so fortunate that they get to wear these!

  2. Your children are beautiful. You should never tire of taking their picture. Do you scrapbook? I don't. I have my own version and it works well for my family.

    Great comment about the Russian family. We are so blessed with our children and our faith.

  3. No! I don't scrapbook, I blog! LOL!!

    I've always wanted to start scrapbooking, and did one page when TT was a baby, but that was it. My cousin just took a photoshop course on digital scrapbooking, which might be more up my alley! :)

  4. I use to alter serve last year for a little while. But then I wasn't able to do it anymore because the kneeling got to hard on my body. It was defiently a great experience. I don't think they do the red at our church. Your boys are so lucky they get to alter serve at such a young age.

  5. Yes, I was just thinking how blessed they are to serve at such a young age!!! You must belong to such a wonderful parish!!! Your boys are so beautiful and saintly!

    I love the red vestments!

    I have my son's baby scrapbook done, and my first daughters ready to be done...and piles and piles of pictures and no time. It's too much to take out, and put away. Yes, I agree this modern scrapbooking (blogging) is for me too! When I did daycare, I made each of my kids a scrapbook of all their years in our home, they were beautiful. I worked on them the last summer they were with me, they all went off to school! (I loved them like my own and took lots of pictures!)

  6. We have truly been blessed with a very holy retired priest that allows my boys to serve for him on Friday's for Mass & Benediction at a little historic church in our area. He did make them wait till they were 5! ;) They will need to be older to serve at our actual parish...where they require the boys to be in 4th/5th grade (which I think is ridiculous!), but I am hooping that Father will make an exception once they have received their First Communion. I haven't asked yet! :)

  7. Gosh, since they have the experience, he should. My son is too nervous, I'm trying to talk him into what a great honor it is to do it. He is making his first Communion next weekend!

    I'm back to check out your Easter bird cake things!! (we have jelly beans, but no peeps...I could probably find something like it, even the nest alone would be great!) Thanks for the ideas. He's not too much into the crafts, like the girls are, but he DOES like the snacks! :) Typical boy,huh? :)

  8. Aww look at that!
    They look so handsome haha.
    I'm proud to call them my nephews :))

  9. How excited you must be for your son Jamie!! That is wonderful!

    My husband actually served with my boys for quite awhile. It has only actually been the last 6 months or so, that they have served by them selves. My youngest brothers have served for years as well, and they are only 4 & 6 years older than my oldest, so that helped as well!

  10. Adorable. I love watching them serve. I need to start heading out there again on Fridays. I really enjoyed that.

  11. Gosh Its crazy that the most reverent alter boys I know are so little. (and so handsom!)
    Father must really be proud to have them at his side during mass...and I can imagine how proud they make you guys! I know Im proud of my little nephews!

  12. They look like wonderful little servents for Christ! How proud you must be :)


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