Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dragon Cakes for St. George

You must check out all the awesome dragons inspired by the totally creative Waltzing Matilda :

First you must go see Matilda's own dragon, that she made for this year.

Then hop over to Knit Together in Love to see Amy's.

After that, don't miss Jamie's at Lord, Make me a Saint. (Thanks Christine for the picture!!!)

OH! And you can see Tracy's cake over at Pinewood Castle!

Aren't they all so cute?!? What a pity to slay them!

My little brothers joined us for dinner, and helped dispose of our dragon! We had a blast! Thanks boys!!

If you posted about your St. George celebration, leave me a comment... I'd love to see it!


  1. Melissa at Bountiful Blessings has a great one too!

    Next year, we are going to have to dress up like your kids, how fun!!

  2. What fun! Our son dragged out his two playmobil dragons and they were being slayed all day long around here. These are the days the children remember when they grow up. Your cake is wonderful!Great job!

  3. Great cake! Jamie did such a good job on hers.

    My slogan was "The Simple Life - Delightfully tacky, yet Unrefined"

    I might want to change my title!

  4. LOL question.....WHERE WAS I?!?!?! I never got a peiceof that beautiful green scrumptious outstanding...super delicious....monstrous..dragon ..cAke!!!!


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