Wednesday, April 23, 2008

By George, it's time to celebrate!

St. George Slays the Dragon ~ Image from Catholic Forum

Today is the
Feast of St. George! Did you know, that it is also Shakespeare's 444th birthday?! With all this ENGLISH celebrating going on, what are your plans for today?

Here is a look at what our day has in store:
(I used up all of the red food coloring on Chiquita's ladybug cake... So his spikes and flames look like Mustard. ewww... I didn't have Hershey kisses either, so I used Junior Mints for eyes/nose. It is no where near as cute as Matilda's, but my children are super excited, just the same!)

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a very



  1. Very cute!! It must be very difficult to lose weight with all that cake in your house!! :} Auntie B

  2. I think it is adorable! Your kids must be so excited!

  3. Totally awesome cake!! I will not show my kids so that they will not be jealous!

  4. cool cake ms. jessica.
    i love the scales.
    how do you make it, is it really hard to make?
    for me? (that's ham talking)
    i really love it.
    boo & sugar

  5. That's cool... but how similar are our blog entries LOL?? Great minds think alike they say!

  6. I MEANT to say that CAKE is cool. Why wont blogger let me EDIT comments? :D

  7. Awe....looks great!!! You did a great job on it!! (you are a good cake decorator!)
    Your plans for today sound so fun! We like to listen to the Saint of the day too. Thanks for the links to the radio show, I had never heard of it!

    God Bless!

  8. Thanks for all the links! We printed up the St George coloring sheets! Your cake turned out cute!! It's fun to see how similar, yet different all of our cakes are!! Christine took pictures of was so cute it was hard to kill, I mean cut it up!

  9. What an awesome cake, it turned our delightfully well!! Happy feast to you all :)))

  10. Thank you everyone!

    Spinneretta -- that is too funny! Don't you just love this image of St. George?? Sounds like a lot of us moms are thinking along the same lines today. It's awesome!

    Michele--we've been loving the stories on Homeschool Radio Shows... I think Amy (Knit Together in Love) was the first that pointed them out to us. The internet is such an amazing resource, isn't it!

    Jamie-- can't wait to see your pictures!

    Also--everyone should hop over to Matilda's blog. This years dragon is even cuter than last years!

  11. it is a great image! It's why I picked it too LOL!
    enjoy the rest of the feast!


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