Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthday Highlights!

*Video server no longer available. Need to find the pictures to update this post. :(


  1. That was so precious.

    I am a picture person also. Photography nut.

    I do not do creative memories. Too expensive and time consuming.

    I do put them in a book right away and one nice picture for each child once in awhile.

    Take your time and start now!

  2. Happy belated Birthday to your little girl! What a wonderful tribute!

  3. AWE!! Thanks for sharing the pictures! She is so cute!!! All of your kids are! You look so beautiful pregnant ;)
    She looks so cute in that lady bug costume!

  4. I so enjoyed this! Thanks Jess! Also I sent all the b-day videos you sent me to Aunt Shannon. She loved seeing them and commented how cute the kidletts are :} A.B

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to a wonderful little girl. What a great slide show you have put together!

    God Bless!

  6. I can truthfully say that this is the cutest video I have ever seen!! HAPPY (belated) Birthday her. haha.


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