Saturday, April 19, 2008

April Shower of Photos :: Day 19

Today was a very traumatic day for the boys.

Mr. Peter Nemo died.

It hit Captain hard. He is such a sweet, sensitive boy, and he has never really been faced with death. He has been to a few funerals in his life, but not of anyone he has known, and so he has yet to feel the pain of losing someone.

He noticed first that his fish had stopped swimming. Oh no... I had thought he was doing better. Then it got worse, since the other fish started biting at him... Do fish do this??

Anyhow, Captain sobbed. He hid under his blankets, and I tried to comfort him. It is ok to be sad. I'm glad that my boys are still sensitive enough to care. They are such wonderful kids.

He said, "He was my very first pet, and he didn't live long at all!"

Then it was Rascal's turn to be upset. He was sad for his older brother, and mad at his own fish. Through his tears, he told me, "Mom, we need to rename all the fish "Bullies" since they were mean to Captains fish!"

After dinner, the boys had a private burial with daddy. Incense and all. Captain decided that he wanted to bury Mr. Peter Nemo near the pond, since fish like to swim.

When they came back in the house, I tried to cheer them up with some hot cocoa and cake, since it was SO cold outside. (It SNOWED today! In APRIL!) It helped... a little.

Well, I better get back to finishing Chiquita's cake... It's getting LATE! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

God Bless!


  1. sad! That picture is enough to make you cry! lol.
    "Bullies"...awww. Thats weird that the other fish bit it.
    Are you gonna get him another fish?

  2. Oh, I am so sorry. That picture just breaks my heart. Give him a hug for me... so sad.

  3. So sorry to hear about Mister Peter sad.

    I have not been on since Friday and have so much catching up to do!!

    The kids need me now though, so I will be back later!

  4. May he rest in peace. I could just melt looking at that picture!

    We also had a loss today. Hermie died (we're not sure when...which is probably why he's dead if you catch my drift). He was Bocker's hermit crab. He was not a very nice pet. He was kind of boring and more than a little stinky...Bocker got over it quickly.


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